REVIEW: ‘Scary Stories’ is a Loving Look at the Children’s Horror Classic

Reading Time: 4 minutes In Scary Stories, the creation, history, and enduring legacy, of the fantastical and horrific children’s classic is lovingly explored.

REVIEW: ‘Master Z: Ip Man Legacy’ Improves on the Franchise While Respecting its Legacy

Reading Time: 5 minutes Master Z: Ip Man Legacy is the fourth film in the Ip Man franchise but it is just as fresh and entertaining as the last installments.

REVIEW: ‘Hellboy’ is a Poor Adaptation and a Poorer Use of All The Talent

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mike Mignola’s signature hero returns to theaters this week-is the new Hellboy movie worth the price of admission, or more torturous than Dante’s Inferno?

What Our Writers are Saying About Shazam!

Reading Time: 6 minutes Shazam! is the newest addition to the Worlds of DC films and the first DC/WB film to come out this year, find out what our writers have to say about it.

REVIEW: Shudder Exclusive ‘Lizzie’ Spins a New Tale Out of an Infamous One

Reading Time: 3 minutes Everyone knows the story of Lizzie Borden, but the Shudder Exclusive film Lizzie, takes a whack at a fresh narrative on it.

REVIEW: ‘Unicorn Store’ Marks Brie Larson’s Bold Directorial Debut

Reading Time: 4 minutes Unicorn Store, a Netflix original film, directed by Brie Larson, marks her directorial debut and chronicles Kit’s struggle to find herself as an adult.

REVIEW: ‘Romantic Comedy’ Dissects Everyone’s Favorite Problematic Genre

Reading Time: 5 minutes Romantic Comedy dives into the history of rom-coms, exploring the good, the bad, then why and how we bring these films into our lives.

REVIEW: ‘Mercy Black’ is the Same Old Creepypasta on a Different Streaming Service

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mercy Black tries to be different but still ends up being exactly like the other films based on the Slender Man story and true crime event.

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