REVIEW: ‘Summoning Sylvia’ Summons Huge Laughs-Per-Minute

Reading Time: 2 minutes Summoning Sylvia is a quick and to-the-point horror comedy about a bachelor party-turned-summoning crashed by a straight brother-in-law.

REVIEW: ‘A Thousand And One’ Highlights The Selfishness Of Parenting

Reading Time: 3 minutes A Thousand and One is a stunning saga lamenting the lie if the American Dream with as real a portrait of parenthood as film could capture

REVIEW: ‘Soft’ Is A Movie Of Queer Teenage Extremes

Reading Time: 3 minutes Soft lets three best friends be free to be boundary-pushing teenagers away from the gaze or control of their parents.

REVIEW: ‘This Place’ Asks What It Means To Belong

Reading Time: 3 minutes This Place perfectly blends the narratives of queer romance and cultural otherness as two women fall in love for the first time and wrestle with identity.

REVIEW: ‘Johnny’ Makes Death And Dying Simple

Reading Time: 3 minutes Johnny is a simple but impactful movie about working through one of life’s most harrowing responsibilities: caring for the dying.


REVIEW: ‘Agent Elvis’ Is Interesting And Bizarre

Reading Time: 3 minutes Agent Elvis asks “what if Elvis was a secret agent,” in this absurd, violent galavant through an imagined Elvis’ life as a spy.

REVIEW: ‘Still Time’ Asks If People Ever Really Change

Reading Time: 3 minutes Still Time is a really great allegory for how bad we all are at living in the present and how hard it is to change ourselves before it’s too late.

REVIEW: ‘Romancelvania’ Is Warm But Not Smoldering (XSX)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Romancelvania combines two disparate genres, dating sim and Metroidvania, as Drac gets dragged into a dating show to find themselves a new lover

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