REVIEW: ‘Entergalactic’ Is More Than A Vibe

Reading Time: 3 minutes Entergalactic is an inspired, original, and extremely intimate look at life and success from Netflix and Kid Cudi. 

FANTASTIC FEST 2022: ‘Chop & Steele’s’ Real Muscle Is In Its Comedic Talent

Reading Time: 3 minutes Chop & Steele is an utterly hilarious and heartwarming documentary that doubles as one of the hidden gems of this year’s Fantastic Fest.

FANTASTIC FEST 2022: ‘Hellraiser’ Is One Hell Of A Story

Reading Time: 3 minutes Directed by David Bruckner, Hellraiser (2022) manages to capture the sex appeal, gore, and moral tale of the franchise while creating a unique story.

REVIEW: ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Final Alchemy’ Delivers A Dizzying Ending

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fullmetal Alchemist: Final Alchemy sees the Elric brothers on the final leg of their journey, but there is still much left to do.

FANTASTIC FEST 2022: ‘Year of the Shark’ Doesn’t Know What Kind of Movie It Wants To Be

Reading Time: 3 minutes Year of the Shark tries its hand at dramedy, but its approach to its story and its tone results in a severe case of mood whiplash.

FANTASTIC FEST 2022: ‘Bad City’ Shows That an Old Man Can Move

Reading Time: 2 minutes The hits just keep coming from WellGoUSA’s licenses at Fantastic Fest 2022 with Bad City, a beat ’em up detective action film. 

FANTASTIC FEST 2022: Romance Over Cannibalism Shock with ‘Bones & All’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bones & All is a coming-of-age story with a peculiar lead, exploring morality, love, and how we relate to others with our darkest parts.

FANTASTIC FEST 2022: ‘Quantum Cowboys’ Brings

Reading Time: 3 minutes Quantum Cowboys mixes together animation, the Western genre, and quantum mechanics for a entertaining film that defies comprehension.

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