REVIEW: ‘My Imaginary Country’ Is an Inspiring Documentary About Chile’s Uprising

Reading Time: 3 minutes Patricio Guzmán documents Chile’s estallido social in ‘My Imaginary Country’, an inspiring testimony of the power of the people.

REVIEW: ‘Emergency Declaration’ Is a Tense but Heavily Flawed Airplane Thriller

Reading Time: 4 minutes ‘Emergency Declaration’ is a Korean airplane thriller blockbuster starring Song Kang-ho that although gripping and intense, has many narrative flaws.

FANTASIA FEST 2022: Circo Animato Highlights

Reading Time: 3 minutes Circo Animato 2022 continues the Fantasia Fest tradition with a selection of fabulous animated short films from France, Iran, Chile, and many more countries

FANTASIA FEST 2022: ‘Baby Assassins’ Is an Amusing Buddy-Assassin Comedy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Yûgo Sakamoto’s Baby Assassins is an eccentric comedy where two teenage hitwomen are forced to hunt for normal everyday jobs.

FANTASIA FEST 2022: ‘My Grandfather’s Demons’ Is a Dazzling Display of Artistry

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Portuguese animated feature ‘My Grandfather’s Demons’ is a work of gorgeous artistry and delightful storytelling.

FANTASIA FEST 2022: ‘My Small Land’ Is a Beautiful and Bittersweet Tale of Belonging

Reading Time: 3 minutes ‘My Small Land’ is a subtle and intimate coming-of-age film that depicts the often underseen story of a migrant family living in Japan.

FANTASIA 2022: ‘Fast & Feel Love’ Is the Sport Stacking Movie We Deserve and Need

Reading Time: 4 minutes Nat Kitcharit and Urassaya Sperbund star in Fast & Feel Love, a hilarious blend of genres with plenty of homages, deadpan humor, and heart.

REVIEW: ‘This is GWAR’ Is the Honest Story Behind a Unique Set of Artists

Reading Time: 3 minutes Scott Barber’s documentary This is GWAR explores the lengthy and complicated history of one of the world’s most unique bands.

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