The 2023 Oscar Nominations but Only With Horror Films

Reading Time: 4 minutes Given that Academy members are too scared to watch horror movies, the BWT creates their own 2023 Oscar nominations using only genre films.

REVIEW: ‘All the Beauty and the Bloodshed’ Is A Profound Tale Of Activism

Reading Time: 3 minutes Directed by Laura Poitras, ‘All the Beauty and the Bloodshed is a sublime and profound portrait of activism and community.

SUNDANCE 2023: ‘Against the Tide’ Is a Spiritual Exploration of Our Connection With Nature

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sarvnik Kaur’s ‘Against the Tide’ uses a naturalistic approach to tackle the subject of climate change and modernity on the shores of Bombay.

REVIEW: ‘Saint Omer’ Is an Outstanding Ponderation on Xenophobia and White Privilege

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alice Diop’s ‘Saint Omer’ is an outstanding courtroom drama that plays with the Euripidean Medea myth to create a powerful exploration of motherhood, xenophobia, and racism.

10 Football Movies to Watch Between World Cup Matches

Reading Time: 6 minutes A list of great movies about football, or the power of football to unite people, perfect to watch throughout the 2022 World Cup.

DOC NYC 2022: Hidden Gem Review Round-Up

Reading Time: 4 minutes Review Round-Up from DOC NYC 2022 for Children of Las Brisas, Lazaro and the Shark: Cuba Under the Surface, and Path of the Panther.

DOC NYC 2022: ‘Super Eagles ’96’ Is the Inspiring Tale of a Legendary African Team

Reading Time: 3 minutes Super Eagles ‘96 is an inspiring documentary about the historic and successful Nigerian football team of the early ‘90s.

REVIEW: ‘Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon’ Is a Stylish Supernatural Ride

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ana Lily Amirpour’s Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon is a stylish horror comedy featuring stellar performances from Jeon Jong-seo and Kate Hudson.

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