REVIEW: ‘Nahiri The Lithomancer,’ Issue #1

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nahiri The Lithomancer #1 follows its title character on a 6,000-year journey from her first planeswalk to the present.

REVIEW: ‘Blade Runner 2039,’ Issue #1

Reading Time: 2 minutes Blade Runner 2039 #1 introduces fans to LUV, the first-ever replicant Blade Runner, who is setting records for takedowns.

REVIEW: ‘To Your Eternity,’ Season 2 Episode 6 – “Heretics Betrayal”

Reading Time: 2 minutes To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 6 sees things between Fushi’s group and the Church of Bennet explosively come to a head.

REVIEW: ‘Spy x Family,’ Episode 21 – “Nightfall/First Fit Of Jealousy”

Reading Time: 3 minutes Spy x Family Episode 21 sees Loid’s fellow spy Fiona, Agent Nightfall, assigned to aid Loid in a future mission. But she has her own goals.

REVIEW: ‘Blue Lock,’ Episode 8 – “The Formula For Goals”

Reading Time: 2 minutes Blue Lock Episode 8 sees Team Z preparing for their final match of the round. The pressure is on in this do or die match.

REVIEW: ‘Just Dance 2023’ Delivers An Enjoyable, Chill Experience (XSX)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Just Dance 2023 delivers a variety of music to move to with up to five other people as you chase high scores and unlock customizations.

REVIEW: ‘To Your Eternity,’ Season 2 Episode 5 – “The Holy Man’s Voyage”

Reading Time: 2 minutes To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 5 sees Fushi head out to help protect the people from the Nokkers when a startling discovery is made.

REVIEW: ‘Slumberland’ Delivers A Fantastic Voyage About Moving On

Reading Time: 3 minutes Slumberland follows Nemo as she searches for a way to be back with her father after a tragedy takes him from her, even if only in her dreams.

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