INTERVIEW: Talking ‘Dragonflight’ with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas

Reading Time: 9 minutes Ion Hazzikostas spoke with us as well as other outlets to talk about changes to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight and a peek behind the curtain.

Carolyn Talks ‘Goddamned Asura’ with Director Lou Yi-An

Reading Time: 10 minutes In his latest drama Goddamned Asura, Taiwanese director, and writer Lou Yi-an, tries to answer find the reason behind a random act of violence.

INTERVIEW: Getting Bloody in Project Wolf Hunting with Writer-Director Kim Hong-sun

Reading Time: 6 minutes We sat down with Project Wolf Hunting ‘s Kim Hong-sun about the film’s inspiration, the genre-blending violence, and of course the kills. 

INTERVIEW: Learning More About Gunbrella’s Unique World With Cullen Dwyer

Reading Time: 3 minutes After playing Gunbrella’s recent demo we got to ask a few questions of Cullen Dwyer about the unique game and its origins.

INTERVIEW: Kate Mulgrew, Brett Gray, And Ella Purnell On Bringing ‘Star Trek Prodigy’ To Life

Reading Time: 3 minutes Star Trek Prodigy stars Kate Mulgrew, Brett Gray, and Ella Purnell gathered for a virtual roundtable to discuss the animated series’ future.

INTERVIEW: Seeing New Sights with Hellraiser’s David Bruckner and Jamie Clayton

Reading Time: 8 minutes We got the chance to sit down with David Bruckner and Jamie Clayton to talk about reimagining Clive Barker’s iconic world and more.

INTERVIEW: Capturing Empathy And The Werewolf With Michael Giacchino

Reading Time: 6 minutes At Fantastic Fest, we talked with Michael Giacchino about empathy, monsters, and crafting something so extremely unique in the MCU.

INTERVIEW: ‘Wrath of the Lich King Classic’ with Blizzard Devs

Reading Time: 6 minutes With Wrath of the Lich King Classic on the horizon, we spoke with Blizzard Developers Clay Stone and Kevin Vigue to discuss the expansion’s rerelease.

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