REVIEW: ‘Rūrangi’ Maintains Its Heart and Soul In Season 2

Reading Time: 4 minutes Regardless of finale gripes, Rūrangi Season 2 maintains the heart and soul of its characters without compromise

REVIEW: ‘In His Shadow’ Struggles Despite Its Memorable Performances

Reading Time: 3 minutes In His Shadow is a predictable, albeit underdeveloped story that is saved by Alassane Diong’s portrayal of Adama

REVIEW: ‘Crash Course in Romance’ Is An Unbalanced Pursuit In Love

Reading Time: 3 minutes While the romance is strong, Crash Course in Romance gets weighed down by its uneven tone and multiple plot points.

REVIEW: ‘Crash Course in Romance,’ Episodes 13-14

Reading Time: 4 minutes The darker tone of Crash Course in Romance Episodes 13-14 reveals unfortunately true realities that we can’t turn away from.

REVIEW: ‘Call Me Chihiro’ Takes Its Time for Better or Worse

Reading Time: 2 minutes While it takes too long to get to its emotional third act, Call Me Chihiro has a subtle power to its delivery that will linger.

REVIEW: ‘Crash Course in Romance,’ Episodes 11-12

Reading Time: 3 minutes While Crash Course in Romance Episodes 11-12 propel things forward, the tonal imbalance highlights a repetitive flaw in the series.

REVIEW: ‘Crash Course in Romance,’ Episodes 9-10

Reading Time: 3 minutes The confrontation that we’ve all been waiting for was mostly everything we could have wanted in Crash Course in Romance Episodes 9-10

REVIEW: ‘Love to Hate You’ Brings The Chaos

Reading Time: 3 minutes Love to Hate You may not be subtle in tackling sexism, but its lead romantic duo breathe fresh air into the romance genre

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