REVIEW: Strap In For a Chaotically Funny ‘Joy Ride’

Reading Time: 4 minutes Joy Ride is a chaotically funny and unapologetic explicit story about identity, belonging, and finding a way to be fine with your messy self.

REVIEW: ‘AIR’ Captures A Legend Beyond A Moment

Reading Time: 3 minutes Smart choices, hilarious dialogue, and a surprising amount of heart, AIR is more than the simple story it tells.

REVIEW: ‘The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster’ Is A Frankenstein Story Like No Other

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster premiered at SXSW 2023, and it is a Frankenstein story that we haven’t seen before.

REVIEW: ‘The Magician’s Elephant’ Is A Flat And Meandering Adaptation

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Netflix animated film ‘The Magician’s Elephant’ can’t manage to conjure up any wonder despite a solid concept and strong voice work.

REVIEW: ‘Going Varsity In Mariachi’ Dives Into The World Of Competitive Mariachi

Reading Time: 4 minutes Going Varsity In Mariachi shows how impactful music can be, even in a hyper-competitive environment.

REVIEW: ‘Max Roach: The Drum Also Waltzes’ Provides A New Perspective On Jazz

Reading Time: 3 minutes Max Roach: The Drum Also Waltzes is an important film, telling a story about how music and activism worked and continue to work hand in hand.

REVIEW: ‘Still Time’ Asks If People Ever Really Change

Reading Time: 3 minutes Still Time is a really great allegory for how bad we all are at living in the present and how hard it is to change ourselves before it’s too late.

REVIEW: ‘Evil Dead Rise’ Is Delightfully Disgusting, Bloody, And Mean

Reading Time: 3 minutes Director Lee Cronin kicks horror in the teeth with Evil Dead Rise. It’s vicious, gross, and a goddamn delight.

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