REVIEW: ‘Blue Lock Season 1’ Takes Sports Anime To A New Level

Reading Time: 4 minutes Blue Lock Season 1 turns sports anime on its head in a unique way that is sure to keep viewers engaged from start to finish.

REVIEW: ‘My Hero Academia,’ Episode 138 – “No Man Is an Island”

Reading Time: 3 minutes My Hero Academia Episode 138 marks the climax of everything this season has built towards, but we are still waiting for it all to pay off.

REVIEW: ‘Notarize Me’ Is A Dark And Humorous Pilot

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dark humor is a hard balance to find, but what I’ve seen of Notarize Me manages it well.

REVIEW: ‘My Hero Academia,’ Episode 137 – “A Young Woman’s Declaration”

Reading Time: 3 minutes My Hero Academia Episode 137 gives more agency to a secondary character, but the pacing of the season is starting to show signs of wearing thin.

REVIEW: ‘Going Varsity In Mariachi’ Dives Into The World Of Competitive Mariachi

Reading Time: 4 minutes Going Varsity In Mariachi shows how impactful music can be, even in a hyper-competitive environment.

REVIEW: ‘Max Roach: The Drum Also Waltzes’ Provides A New Perspective On Jazz

Reading Time: 3 minutes Max Roach: The Drum Also Waltzes is an important film, telling a story about how music and activism worked and continue to work hand in hand.

REVIEW: ‘Tetris’ Has All The Right Pieces Fall Into Place

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tetris is an excellent slow burn that tells the dramatic tale of how the hit video game made it out of the Soviet Union.

REVIEW: ‘My Hero Academia,’ Episode 136 – “Deku vs. Class A”

Reading Time: 3 minutes My Hero Academia Episode 136 forces Deku to confront his friends from Class A, who refuse to allow him to fight All for One on his own.

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