REVIEW: ‘Spy x Family,’ Episode 9 – “Show Off How In Love You Are”

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Spy x Family Episode 9 - But Why Tho

Spy x Family is an action/comedy shonen anime produced by WIT Studio and CloverWorks. With her brother Yuri demanding to see proof of Yor and Loid’s affection, the couple prepares to kiss each other. But when the night spirals out of control in the wake of this moment, Yor once again begins to doubt her ability to be a wife and Loid begins to wonder if she is a plant by the secret police in Spy x Family Episode 9.

While the wrap-up of Yuri’s visit is filled with some wonderful humor that quite literally slaps, the opening sequence to this episode also contains my only major complaint about this entry.

As the show has previously established, Yuri is extremely protective of Yor. However, in Spy x Family Episode 9 they decide to take it further to that fairly creepy quasi-romantic level that anime sometimes decides to take such sibling relationships into. Yuri’s immediate freak out over the couple’s imminent kiss, which he demanded they do, along with another flashback he has makes the man’s affection for his sister go from protective to creepy. While I don’t think that is the intended impression the show is going for, I can’t help but see it, which sours some of the fun in the story.

After Yuri’s departure, Spy x Family Episode 9 continues to focus on the adults in the family. Yor struggles with what she sees as her shortcoming as a wife, while Loid runs a quick operation on Yor to make certain she isn’t a plant by her brother.

The steps that Loid takes to confirm Yor’s innocence in the situation can feel a bit extreme, but at the same time, I can’t blame him given what the repercussions would be for both him and Anya if Yor was a government agent. Despite how strongly Loid dives into his investigation, the show makes it clear that he is simply being cautious. There is no enjoyment were in his actions. He doesn’t relish peeking into aspects of Yor’s life he wouldn’t usually know. It is purely for security.

Spy x Family Episode 9 wraps up its narrative with a beautiful moment between the duo where the wound caused by the previous night’s encounter is greatly lessened. While in the past it has been Yor who has graciously dropped such beautiful pearls of wisdom to help ease Loid’s day, this time it is Loid who has a few simple but lovely observations that help relieve some of Yor’s worries.

The animation delivers all the energy and humor of this week’s episode well. Its ability to flex between the comedy of much of the story and the heart-felt scenes that are sprinkled within allows the show to bring both aspects of its narrative to the viewer in a harmonious way. And it also expertly reaffirms that Yor is a terrifying drunk.

Once again, Spy x Family Episode 9 delivers a tale that both entertains and warms the heart, even if it takes some of its familial affection a smidge too far.

Spy x Family Episode 9 is streaming on Crunchyroll.

Spy x Family Episode 9
  • 8.5/10
    Rating - 8.5/10


Spy x Family Episode 9 delivers a tale that both entertains and warms the heart, even if it takes some of its familial affection a smidge too far.

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