REVIEW: ‘Fire Force,’ Seaon 2 Episode #13

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Fire Force Season 2

Fire Force episode 13 is a shonen anime produced by David Production. With Joker having defeated the teacher that tortured him years ago, he and Benimaru stand ready to continue their search of the Holy Sol Temple. Till an unexpected party appears in the form of the captain of the 1st Fire Force Station. Why is he here? And will Joker and Benimaru have to defeat him as well? This season of Fire Force has defined its self in a number of ways. From the growing of its world to the fleshing out of smaller season one characters, every episode has pushed the story beyond what we got in its inaugural season. But even beyond the aforementioned high points to the show’s storytelling is how many surprises have been delivered this season. From the Shinra’s failure to secure the newest wielder of an adolla burst to the discoveries on the Chinese peninsula, the show has continuously taken the story in directions I didn’t expect. Fire Force Episode #13 continues this trend.

With Joker and Benimaru gearing up for another fight, they quickly discover there is no fight coming. The Captain of the 1st is there, not to fight, but to point them in a different direction. What that direction is, I won’t spoil. But the how’s and why’s thoroughly surprised me.

Fire Force Episode #13 
There could be worse ways to lose an eye….

This sharing of information forms the bulk of Fire Force Episode episode 13′s narrative. This is largely due to another flashback revealing a joined past between the captain and Joker. This sequence pulls double service for the story. As it fleshes out both the characters, as well as the nature of the Holy Sol Temple. Things that have been hidden that one wouldn’t think possible. Further emphasizing just how much control over the Empire the Temple truly has.

The remainder of the episode takes the viewer back to Fire Station 8 as the newest intelligence is delivered. The team has a lively debate as they struggle to determine how best to follow up on the newest information acquired by Joker and Benimaru.

While little in the way of action takes place in Fire Force episode 13 it nonetheless moves along at a brisk pace. The scenery changes frequently enough, and with the importance of the information that the episode reveals, I never once felt bored or that the episode was dragging on.

When all is said and done Fire Force Episode episode 13 delivers a lot of information in a way that keeps the story running smoothly and without becoming boring. As this has been the series standard whenever this kind of episode has come around I can’t say I’m surprised. Just pleased that it manages to continue to deliver its story in such a strong fashion. And, given where this episode left off, I expect the balance of world-building and action will be swinging back in the opposite direction for any fans that might feel like this episode was a touch too calm for their liking.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode #13 is streaming now.

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