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Beneath the Dark Crystal #12 - But Why Tho

Jim Henson’s: Beneath The Dark Crystal #12 is published by Archaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studios, written by Adam Smith, illustrated by Alexandria Huntington, and lettered by Jim Campbell. Previously, Kenso had finally come to realize his purpose thanks to a timely intervention from his old friend in the Crystal Castle Guard, Toolah. Down below the surface level of Thra, stands Mithra and they have been under attack from an ancient magical Fireling known as the Fire That Stays.

Beneath The Dark Crystal #12 brings us the final conclusion of the series. The duality of these lands and its people are on full display. Tensions are high as the darkness is at the precipice of destruction.

Rather than spend a paragraph breaking down the synopsis of the issue, I’d rather spend the time highlighting the brilliant elements that the creators were able to capture. As to attempt to explain the story in the conclusive issue is fraught with peril and spoilers.

Wherein my last review I was critical of the stagnation of the pace of the story and ultimately that Beneath The Dark Crystal #11 struggled to separate itself from the previous issue, Beneath The Dark Crystal #12 has none of these complaints

Throughout the series, I have adored the combined contributions from Smith and Huntington. Huntington captured some truly gorgeous illustrations that highlight the dichotomy of the lands between Thra and Mithra. Huntington illustrates two full-page spreads that beautifully capture the differences in the land and the people who inhabit them. Additionally, her art with her colors shows contrast. Her use of colors make pages feel like they are bleeding into each other from both directions. Huntington’s illustrations set a high standard of quality, as they have done for each of the previous issues. The issue is littered with brilliant imagery, with the final panels of the final page capturing an excellent end in a visually satisfying way.

Smith feels like he’s finally getting to the bones of the story he wanted to tell. Beneath The Dark Crystal #11 felt like a through-line to connect Beneath The Dark Crystal #10 to Beneath The Dark Crystal #12. This issue has clear intent and adds weight to the story. The battle of the Firelings against the Fire That Stays has a gratifying conclusion, with an unexpected twist. While Kensho’s story is woven expertly back to his origins. Smith has crafted some lovely sentiment, particularly when it comes to the dialogue of Kensho. Meanwhile, Campbell’s lettering is balanced, especially given the heavy narrative of this issue. The page is never cluttered and it flows well from page to page as the story switches seamlessly from plot to plot.

With Netflix’s Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance a little over a week away, this is a fantastic story for you to pick up whether you’ve kept current or need to go back and binge all 12 issues. Smith, Huntington, and Campbell have expertly created a continuation of the story of the Dark Crystal and its never-ending influence on the people and pop culture. Personally speaking, it has been so enjoyable seeing the continuation of the story of Kensho and Thurma and the ending is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, even maybe a Skeksis.

Jim Henson’s: Beneath The Dark Crystal #12 is available now in comic book stores everywhere.

Beneath the Dark Crystal #12


Smith, Huntington, and Campbell have expertly created a continuation of the story of the Dark Crystal and its never-ending influence on the people and pop culture.

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