REVIEW: ‘Picard’ Season 3 Boldly Goes On One Last Adventure

Reading Time: 4 minutes Picard Season 3 sees the final return of Jean-Luc as he’s called to action to save his old friends while nefarious minds plot to destabilize galactic order.

REVIEW: ‘The Bad Batch’ Season 2 Delves Deeper into Clone Culture

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Bad Batch Season 2 sees the return of Clone Force 99 as the Empire continues to close its fist around the galaxy, and intensifies its search for Omega.

REVIEW: ‘Hunters’ Season 2 is a Lackluster Series Finale

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hunters Season 2 details the lives of a group of Jewish people hunting down Nazis post world war II, closing in on their final mission.

REVIEW: ‘Hell Dogs’ – Savage With Surprising Intimacy

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hell Dogs is a gang-fueled action film that blurs the line for an undercover cop whose job is to infiltrate and dismantle the Yakuza.

REVIEW: ‘Doom Patrol’ Season 4 Lacks Wow Factor

Reading Time: 4 minutes Rita, Cliff, Jane, Larry. Vic, and Madame Rouge return for the weirdest missions known to the superhero world as Doom Patrol Season 4 comes back to HBO Max.

REVIEW: ‘Willow’ A Classic Fantasy Story for a New Generation

Reading Time: 5 minutes Willow is back on your screens in a brand new Disney+ series where a new evil is rising and threatening devastation. Check out Willow Season 1 now!

What to Expect from ‘Willow’

Reading Time: 7 minutes After 34 years, Lucasfilm and Disney+ revisit the world of Willow as characters we left back in 1988 face a brand new evil.

REVIEW: ‘A Man of Action’ Invites You to Embrace Anarchy

Reading Time: 3 minutes A Man of Action spotlights the life of anarchist Lucio Urtubia, a claimed bank robber who gave a large portion of his heist back to the French people.

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