REVIEW: ‘The Outlaws’ Season 2 Highlights Joy and Trauma of Self Discovery

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Outlaws Season 2 continues its trend of delivering a quirky comedy thriller packed with awkward laughter and flawed characters.

REVIEW: ‘Recurrence’ is Flawed From Top to Bottom

Reading Time: 3 minutes The third installment in the series, Recurrence, sees retired Detective Pipa in the middle of a murder investigation of a young native girl.

REVIEW: ‘Light & Magic’ A Love Letter To Filmmaking

Reading Time: 4 minutes Light and Magic details ILM’s magnificent history to give a full perspective of just how this VFX company changed the landscape of the film industry.

How Star Trek Finally Embraced Captain Pike

Reading Time: 4 minutes Star Trek has brilliant characters but there’s one that never got the respect he deserved, until Strange New Worlds: Captain Pike.

REVIEW: Heavy Hitting Adult Animation ‘Solar Opposites’ Season 3 Is Back With a Bang

Reading Time: 3 minutes Solar Opposites Season 3 returns to Hulu as the crash-landed Alien crew continues to try and understand human life while.

REVIEW: ‘D.B. Cooper Where Are You?!’ Invites You Into the Mystery of a Legend

Reading Time: 3 minutes DB Cooper Where Are You?! is a four-part Netflix series detailing the events of the skyjacker who got away with a $200,000 ransom and was never found.

REVIEW: ‘Moonhaven’ is An Original Sci-Fi Story Worth Checking Out

Reading Time: 3 minutes Moonhaven depicts a world 100 years from now in which a colony on the Moon attempts to reimagine a new culture that can save humanity as a whole.

REVIEW: Taron Egerton Shines in ‘Black Bird’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Black Bird Season 1 documents a story where a convict must elicit details from a suspected serial killer in order to gain freedom.

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