Devolver Digital Announces Three New Titles at the PlayStation Showcase 2023

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Devolver Digital

During the PlayStation Showcase, Devolver Digital shared two of its newly published titles from Nomada Studio and All Possible Futures.

The Talos Principle II

Coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2023, The Talos Principle II greatly expands on the beloved original with more mind-bending puzzles to solve, new puzzle mechanics, a richer storyline, more secrets to uncover, and the biggest, weirdest world Croteam has ever built.

Set in a distant future where humankind has long been extinct, human culture lives on through interminable robots made in our image. Embarking on a quest to investigate a mysterious megastructure, you will be confronted with questions about the nature of the cosmos, faith versus reason and the fear of repeating humankind’s mistakes.

Familiar puzzles will return in The Talos Principle II, accompanied by unique new gameplay, including mind transference and gravity manipulation. There’s also a deep character-driven story with multiple endings to lose yourself in and a series of strange, stunningly beautiful environments to explore—including a city on the brink of a paradigm shift and an island holding the keys to the future.

The Talos Principle II is the most ambitious, thought-provoking game Croteam has made yet, and you can play it later this year.


Devolver Digital and Nomada Studio have announced Neva, a new emotionally-charged adventure from the visionary team behind the breathtaking, critically acclaimed hit GRIS, which won The Game Awards’ Games for Impact award. Neva is an unforgettable experience, and you can play it next year on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

Experience the moving tale of a young woman and her lifelong bond with a magnificent wolf as they embark on a thrilling adventure through a dying world. Following a traumatic encounter with dark forces, Alba finds herself bound to a curious, mischievous wolf cub. Working together, the pair will help each other overcome increasingly dangerous situations.

The wolf will grow and mature over time—as will Alba’s relationship with it as they traverse this cursed, decaying world.

The Plucky Squire

All Possible Futures and Devolver Digital have revealed new gameplay footage from the anticipated storybook adventure The Plucky Squire. Colorful and adorable and packed with imagination, the game jumps off the page with a new gameplay trailer. In this imaginative action-adventure game, lovable hero Jot can leap seamlessly from the 2D pages of a book into a 3D world.

You can see this in action for yourself in the new trailer below, which focuses on the many different ways to play the game: from 3D platforming to top-down dungeon crawling coming out in 2023.

In The Plucky Squire, Mojo, the vibrantly colored realm filled with pure creativity, is under threat from a seriously unchill wizard named Humpgrump. The squire in question is named Jot and he goes on his adventure with  Violet, Thrash, and Pip. With a merry band of brave adventurers joining him on his page-turning quest to save the realm—including an eccentric DJing wizard. Humpgrump doesn’t stand a chance in this genre-blending game from Devolver Digital.

The Plucky Squire is coming to PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch later this year. Visit for more information.

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