Gun Interactive Expands EULA

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Gun Interactive

Today, Gun Interactive—the multimedia development firm behind the upcoming Texas Chain Saw Massacre—is proud to announce that they have established an in-game End-User License Agreement that provides more freedom to influencers seeking to record audio and video content for their own channels. Starting with the Texas Chain Saw Massacre and continuing for all of their future releases, Gun will include specific direction in the EULA that grants content creators full autonomy in their ability to stream, record and utilize all aspects of their titles. That includes all the music included in the game and extends to streaming, VODs, YouTube videos, and all other ancillary media created by and supported by the gaming community.

“Content creators are important to this industry, yet there seems to be very little protection for them as it relates to DMCA,” said Wes Keltner, CEO and president of Gun Interactive. “We, as game developers, can’t change the music or streaming industry, but we can try to help. We value our communities and the creativity they share, and we hope that other companies and studios will follow our lead in trying to make these agreements more fair for everyone.”

End-user license agreements are standard practice across multiple creative industries. To clearly specify terms, conditions, restrictions, and more, vendors will gate their software behind an EULA, and users must agree to the stipulations outlined in the EULA before they can access the software product. While these are commonly implemented to protect vendors and businesses, in the gaming sphere, they often have the knock-on effect of limiting the ability of content creators to record and release gameplay footage for their personal channels. Whether it’s recorded music or gameplay that triggers a breach of the agreement, the result is flagged videos or DMCA takedowns that can severely hinder the community’s ability to share and create amongst one another.

For the development team at Gun, these are the exact types of issues they’re seeking to address, recognizing that content creators are an invaluable piece of the gaming industry. With this in mind, the EULA for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will allow for this type of external content creation, with the hope that other game developers and design studios might follow suit, taking part in a process that brings more freedom to the gaming community as a whole.


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