REVIEW: The Up-Switch Orion Has Changed My Switch Gaming

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Up-Switch Orion

The Up-Switch Orion lets gamers up-size their Nintendo Switch gaming, both for the standard Switch and Switch OLED. The Up-Switch Orion serves as an all-in-one dock plus more. With a Nintendo Switch Integrated HD IPS 11.6-inch monitor, HDMI port, USB-C port, headphone jack, Joy Con slots, and dual stereo speakers the Up-Switch Orion is a unique and honestly practical accessory.

Now, I’m not certain that the Up-Switch Orion is the best choice for gaming if the expectation is to play without plugging in. The screen itself requires a USB-C charger that is at least as powerful as a Nintendo Switch charger in order to work, and it must be plugged in at all times in order to work. You can hypothetically plug it into an external charger, and the Up-Switch Orion even has straps on the back to help keep that organized. But in experimenting with the two I own, I couldn’t get it to succeed. That said, for those with Type C Power Banks that meet power delivery requirements demonstrated by 3rd party power banks on the market, you should be good to go.

I don’t play my Nintendo Switch OLED docked despite it being set up in our entertainment roomwith a large television. I play on my desk, with the screen propped up and a separate controller. The Up-Switch Orion makes desk-top gaming with my Switch easier than ever and a good experience. This fits how I use my Nintendo Switch extremely well. In fact, in the image above, you can see just how well it fits into the small amount of space on my desk. Additionally, with such a small profile, I’m ready to rearrange my desk to make it a prominent feature. Not to mention, I can also see it becoming a great travel companion with the added HDMI-port as well, which is perfect for laptops and setting up multiple screens when you’re working from a hotel or airport.

The drawbacks for the Up-Switch Orion really just fall on how little it comes with. Outside of the 11.6-inch screen itself, the packaging includes a mesh bag for transportation, ergo grips to help the size difference between the Joy Cons and the screen, and that’s it. By not including a charger or charging cord, and leaving the voltage information at the bottom of the box, I had to do a lot of plug-and-play with various cords in my house until I figured it out.

Additionally, the only issue with the actual product that I experienced was needing to constantly re-pair my free-standing Switch controller, because I decided not to use my Joy Cons. But when in handheld mode, it’s light enough to not really notice the difference, and for those with vision issues, it can help. Specifically, the ability to adjust brightness lets me play without my glasses, something I normally can not physically do.

But despite that, I’ve been using the Up-Switch Orion for about three weeks now and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. It’s extremely lightweight (just 1.5lbs), so it doesn’t feel as durable as other products. But its performance is outstanding. The speakers are great, the headphone jack is easily accessible when propped up with the kickstand, and because it essentially works as an all-in-one dock, it charges the switch and Joy Cons as you game, which makes it ideal for gaming before a flight. Additionally, the IPS gaming screen is clear, and while it obviously won’t top my OLED display, it is a great screen.

Overall, I really can’t recommend the Up-Switch Orion enough. It’s made a difference in how I game and has done so in a practical way. While other people had suggested I bring my dock to the office and use one of my screens to run the game, this allows me to keep my dedicated workspace and you know, get a couple of matches of Splatoon 3 in between tasks. Additionally, while I haven’t gotten to take my Up-Switch on any travels yet, I can see the possibilities for it, especially given how little space it takes up.

The Up-Switch Orion is available now via Up-Switch’s website for $249.99 or Amazon. 

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