PRODUCT REVIEW: ‘Astro ID Collection 2’ Remains One of the Best Headsets on the Market

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ASTRO ID Collection 2

Getting custom headphones is one of the easiest ways to get your gaming set-up up to speed for your aesthetic. For me, it’s been a struggle to find pink gear which is what made the first-gen Astro ID (Stylized ASTRO.ID) PC headsets so intriguing. Now, with the Astro ID Collection 2, you get access to more colors including White, Moon Grey, Mint, Coral, Baby Yellow, Heart Pink, Sky Blue, and Sweet Purple.

With the ASTRO A40 TR base, it offers a sound profile fit for the biggest audiophile. That said, for me, it’s the comfort that comes with Astro ID Collection 2 that makes it stand out. One of the biggest issues with headsets for me has traditionally been the lack of adjustability. With a smaller build, finding headsets that I can wear for long periods of time without adjusting consistently has been a problem. That said, Astro has been a great option for folks looking for smaller sizes. Whether it’s the A20 Gen 2 models or the Astro ID Collection 2, I swear by these headphones, specifically for PC usage.  The range of adjustability works perfectly for a range of sizes. Both my husband and I can both wear the same ASTRO ID Collection 2 headsets, adjusting it to our own sizes, and not have to readjust after hours of use. This speaks not only to finding comfort but also to the durability of the headset itself.

Additionally, customizing the headset is not only extensive with more than 500,000 color combinations, but they arrive with a near-perfect match to the colors you select through the headset maker. The Headset Frame, Ear Cushions, Headband, Inline Mute Cable, Microphone, and Speaker Tags can all be customized with eight different colors. One of the issues with the online ordering process is that colors can vary from how they appear on the screen to when you order, especially when it comes to colors that are either very vibrant or pastel. Like Collection 1 before it, the ASTRO ID Collection 2 headset comes in meeting expectations, and getting a true color match helps seal the deal by adding them to your cart. Plus, it comes in a cool case that while it isn’t a make or break, it does help with storage.

Sadly, the ASTRO ID Collection 2 is still a wired headset which limits some mobility. While the long cord makes up for some of those issues, it also gets in the way, a lot, especially if you don’t have a stationary chair. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned my chair only to get the cord stuck on the armrest. That said, it’s a small element in an otherwise phenomenal headset that doesn’t detract much. While this wasn’t necessarily a new generation with large feature changes, the expansion of the color palette is welcomed and the quality keeps the ASTRO ID as one of the best headsets I’ve ever owned.

Overall, I can’t recommend the ASTRO ID Collection 2 TR Headset enough if you haven’t gotten the chance to pick up a pair of Collection 1. That said, if you picked up a set in Collection 1, there isn’t much new for you here unless you’re looking for more color options to match your set-up.

ASTRO ID Collection 2 TR Headset retails for $199.99, including shipping. All customized headsets are expected to be built, shipped, and delivered within four weeks of your order in a one-of-a-kind box and include an A40 headset case.

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