INTERVIEW: Nobody Saves the World with Ian Campbell, Lead Game Designer of Drinkbox Studios

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We speak with Ian Campbell of Nobody Saves the World - But Why Tho

Developed and published by Drinkbox Studios, Nobody Saves the World is an Action RPG that has you try to stop the Calamity from ending the world. You play as Nobody, literally, with one unique magical power; You’re able to transform into 20 different forms. From a rat to a mermaid, to even a Necromancer. All the powers of the forms are yours to command and customize. If you want a horse that can shoot a flurry of arrows while making light rain on your enemies? You can do that. If you want a Turtle that oozes slime while summoning zombies, you can do that too. With an in-depth quest system and many dungeons to explore, it’s only Nobody against a horde of hideous monsters to stop the ever-looming threat. This week, we got to chat with Ian Campbell, Lead Game Designer of Drinkbox Studios, about how the team came up with the many different standout features of Nobody Saves the World.

During the interview, Campbell talked about the Drinkbox strategy to coming up with new ideas and how working remotely during COVID didn’t hinder the team as much as we’d expect. Plus Campbell also talked about the many, many different games, movies, and TV shows that inspired just about every facet of Nobody Saves the World. Particularly, Campbell said the base idea of the game was “inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics, and like the job system in that. How there were so many jobs and you just kept on unlocking them and you could combine them”.

Click on the audio above to listen to the full interview and hear what Ian Campbell has to say about Drinkbox Studios unique take on the Action RPG genre. Want to read our review of the game? Find it here.

Nobody Saves the World is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC.

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