SuperGroupies Announces Ghost of Tsushima Collaboration

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SuperGroupies (スーパーグルーピーズ), a Japanese fashion brand offering products inspired by anime and games, from Kingdom Hearts to The World Ends With You and more, has opened pre-orders for 3 new collaboration items for the open-world action-adventure game, Ghost of Tsushima. The Ghost of Tsushima × SuperGroupies Collaboration Collection will reflect the magnificent and unique in-game backdrop of 13th century feudal Japan, with a 3-item lineup which includes a watch, coat, and bag.

Ghost of Tsushima × SuperGroupies Collaboration Collection is available for pre-order now, until September 23, 2020 at 12PM (JST). The Ghost of Tsushima Model watch will release in February 2021 and all other items will release in January 2021. Each watch and hooded coat available for 23,800 yen before tax, and the bag is available for 13,800 yen before tax. You can pre-order here.

Product descriptions of the Ghost of Tsushima × SuperGroupies Collaboration Collection are below:

Ghost of Tsushima Model Watch

SuperGroupies Ghost of Tsushima Collection

This multifunctional chronograph watch is inspired by Ghost of Tsushima’s sprawling landscape and dynamic storytelling. Influenced by Jin Sakai’s epic journey, the watch face contains a mix of designs including koujitsunagi—a traditional Japanese pattern of interlocking kou (工) characters—and falling ginkgo leaves.

Ghost of Tsushima Model Hooded Coat

This stylish hooded coat is in an eye-catching chic black, inspired by the game’s selectable black-and-white play mode. Inspired by Jin Sakai’s armor and clothing, the integrated hood and collar buttons up in a way reminiscent of how he looks when he’s wearing a mask.

Ghost of Tsushima Model Bag

SuperGroupies Ghost of Tsushima Collection

This sleek 2-way bag uses the same black and red color scheme as much of Ghost of Tsushima’s official art. The front features a cord design representing Jin Sakai’s Ghost Armor and the rope detail around his waist. Comes equipped with a shoulder strap and generous storage capacity.


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