REVIEW: ‘Fire Force,’ Season 2 – Episode 4

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Fire Force Season 2

Fire Force Episode 4 is a shonen anime produced by David Production. With Shinra locked in a battle to keep Inca out of the hands of the Evangelist’s troops, the rest of Station 8 desperately tries to contain the blazes that are threatening to consume the town.  But with infernals appearing at the fastest pace the Station has ever seen, what chance do they have of curbing the fire in time?

While this episode is filled with bonkers action, some cool surprises, and Tamaki being, well, Tamaki, the stand out of Fire Force Episode 4 has to be Inca. The newest wielder of an adolla burst, her character is one of a kind for the show. More than willing to speak for herself, she has some choice thoughts about Shinra and the Evangelists people trying to decide her fate for her. And quite frankly, she’s not having it. Ya love to see it.

Inca’s free spirit isn’t the biggest problem Shinra has though. His opponent from the last episode continues to prove to be an immovable object for Shinra to slam himself against. Round two of this slugfest features some truly amazing moments. The way the various characters utilize their Fire-based powers always manages to deliver lots of unique moments. The creativity in the fights continues to excel.

Fire Force Episode 4 

The other big focus for Fire Force Episode 4 is the rest of Station 8’s efforts to send all the infernals that are emerging from the various fires throughout the town. But the crew was never intended to deal with this many infernals spread out over such a space. Particularly since the Fire Force can’t send an infernal without a sister present to say the prayer. This leads the team to have to fight holding actions while Sister Iris runs from place to place to lend her voice. Luckily, however, there is someone else who can pray for the souls of the ignited. TAMAKI IS HERE!

Showing up in a full habit, I instantly remembered that they mentioned she was a trained sister when they are attacked during their visit to see Beni Maru in season one. I always love when series pay enough attention to these small mentions that they bring them back seasons later. Although, how much help Tamaki is could be debated. Because well, Tamaki’s mishaps can come at the most inopportune times.

The rest of the episode will be spoilers to reveal, so obviously I’ll let you watch for your self. But I love how they get Station 8 to the end of this episode. It promises ever bigger things to come and I for one can’t wait to see it.

While the action and characters are stand out as always, if there is a complaint one could level against Fire Force Episode 4 it is that it doesn’t advance the story much. While the narrative certainly stalls out here, it is in a manner that any veteran of the shonen genre of anime will be perfectly familiar with.

With the struggle between the Fire Force and the Evangelist just heating up I’m still finding this season burning bright with pure enjoyment.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 4 is streaming now on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 4
  • 8/10
    Rating - 8/10


With the struggle between the Fire Force and the Evangelist just heating up I’m still finding this season burning bright with pure enjoyment.

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