INTERVIEW: Pirates and Tabletops with Guildhall Studios’ Ryan Schapals

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Sea of Legends - Guildhall Studios

But, comparisons aside, Sea of Legends stands on its own. Utilizing an app to keep track of the narrative choices throughout the game instead of the normal pen and paper, Guildhall Studios’ Seas of Legends balances side quests, main adventures, romances, and nemesis interactions all through one app that makes the game all the more accessible for new players. In this interview, we dive into the game’s inspiration and more. Guildhall Studios’ Ryan Schapals explains how the studio did it’s best to show that representation matters and how they looked for the guidance of experts to build out their alternate history in the Caribbean which uses MesoAmerican mythology to inform many of its elements.

Hit play on the interview above to get a deep dive into what Sea of Legends has to offer and to listen to us go in-depth on the romance options and world-building. With many options on how to play, Schapals explains how the game keeps its replayability and how the stretch goals of the Kickstarter will include even more swashbuckling adventures and romances. Make sure to keep a lookout for when their Kickstarter goes live on April 7, 2020. With all three of our hosts madly in love with the game, you can bet it has something to offer to veteran tabletop players, newcomers, and those who never thought they would play one.

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