INTERVIEW: Mars Horizon with Tomas Rawlings, CEO of Auroch Digital

Reading Time: 2 minutes This week, we got to speak with Tomas Rawlings, CEO of Auroch Digital, about Mars Horizon, its inspiration, and all the science that goes into it. 

INTERVIEW: Pirates and Tabletops with Guildhall Studios’ Ryan Schapals

Reading Time: 2 minutes We got the chance to sit down with the Creative Director of Guildhall Studios and discuss their new tabletop: Sea of Legends.

INTERVIEW: The Sinner Season 3’s Vic Soto and Representation with Actor, Eddie Martinez

Reading Time: 2 minutes Eddie Martinez stars as Vic Soto in USA Network’s series, “The Sinner,” as a former Marine and rising star detective who works alongside Ambrose.

INTERVIEW: ‘Thor: Metal Gods’ with Serial Box Community Manager, Rachel Pinnelas

Reading Time: 2 minutes Thor: Metal Gods marks the first Marvel story exclusively from Serial Box, we got to talk with community manager, Rachel Pinnelas about it.

INTERVIEW: Subverting Horror Expectations and Rattlesnake with Writer-Director Zak Hilditch

Reading Time: 2 minutes At the Austin Film Festival, we got a chance to speak with Rattlesnake writer-director Zak Hilditch about his newest film for Netflix and subverting tropes

INTERVIEW: Parody, Bigfoot, and Vice with Writer-Director Zach Lamplugh

Reading Time: 2 minutes We got to sit down with the director of The Vice Guide to Bigfoot Zach Lamplugh about how it captures the spirit of Popstar and Creep.

INTERVIEW: Practical Effects, Stories, and ‘The Mortuary Collection’ with Ryan Spindell

Reading Time: 2 minutes At Fantastic Fest 2019 I got the opportunity to see The Mortuary Collection and talk to the anthology film’s director, Ryan Spindell.

INTERVIEW: Breaking the Model Minority Myth, Superheroes, and LING, with Dennis Liu

Reading Time: 2 minutes We got the chance to talk with Raising Dion creator Dennis Liu about his new project LING and how it pushes Asian American representation forward.

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