REVIEW: ‘Auntie Agatha’s Home For Wayward Rabbits’ Issue #4

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Auntie Agathas Home For Wayward Rabbits

Auntie Agatha’s Home for Wayward Rabbits #4, which is published by Image Comics, is written by Keith Giffin and illustrated by Benjamine Roman. In the book, Sawyer seeks help from Loomis the Mouse, who has a tendency for grand plans. Loomis tries to explain the plan that he’s been working on to get rid of the pests who’ve been getting into his belongings. But Sawyer wants to use this plan on the mob enforcers Naomi and Raquel. Elsewhere, the enforcers report back to their boss, Mr. Jackson, about what happened during their visit to Agatha’s home.

I’m glad that I’ve found another series that I look forward to every month. Auntie Agatha’s Home for Wayward Rabbits never ceases to amaze me and make me laugh. The concept of someone having a home that’s dedicated to fostering troubled rabbits wasn’t something I pictured myself reading, but I can’t get enough of it. The different designs of the rabbits have become one of my favorite things about the series. It’s a bit sad to know that there are only two more chapters left in the mini-series. This will definitely be a comic that I wish could continue for a long time.

As with the last chapter, one of the moments that stood out was another conversation between two characters. This time with Sawyer talking to another rabbit about what’s been happening. This segment shows just how much Sawyer cares for Julie and how strong their friendship must be. He acknowledges just how strong she is for dealing with this on her own, but also recognizes that Julie is just a kid. She couldn’t possibly handle everything on her own. He wants to do something, but since he’s just one rabbit, he’s not sure what to do. This is the first time the series shows Sawyer taking a moment and seriously reflecting on the issue at hand. It’s a heartwarming moment that captured one of the overall themes of the series.

Since this is the fourth chapter, things are starting to come together and gear up for the climax of the series. Sawyer is coming up with his plan of attack, just in case. While I do wish others would have the same dedication, it’s great to see him take charge. Even though there are only two chapters left, it’s great to finally put a face to the antagonist of the story. While Naomi and Raquel have had more prominent roles, I wasn’t too convinced with them as the main antagonists. Mr. Jackson is the embodiment of an evil businessman who wants to take control over land to build something for his enjoyment. His introduction was fantastic and had some moments that genuinely made me laugh out loud.

There were a few things in the chapter that I wasn’t a complete fan of. For one thing, Mr. Jackson’s motive seems a little lackluster. Julie wasn’t in this issue much, which does give room for the rabbits to have their moment, but it would’ve been great to see her relationships with Sawyer and her aunt Agatha fleshed out a bit more. The character of Asuka still hasn’t been developed as much as I’d hoped and seems to, unfortunately, fall under Asian stereotypes. Loomis the Mouse, along with his plan to get rid of pests, seems like a character that should’ve been introduced early in the series. Most of this has to do with it being a limited series and not having enough time to include more details.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this issue. It’s all coming together and I’m very excited to see how everything plays out. It really is a shame that it’s coming to an end, but I’ll forever be glad that I was introduced to this series.

Auntie Agatha’s Home for Wayward Rabbits #4 comes out this week wherever comic books are sold.

Auntie Agatha’s Home for Wayward Rabbits #4


It’s all coming together and I’m very excited to see how everything plays out.

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