5 Favorite Black Horror Films To Watch Right Now

Reading Time: 5 minutes In celebration of Black History Month, several contributors discuss their favorite Black Horror films and why they chose them.


REVIEW: ‘How I Met Your Father’ Episode 5 – “The Good Mom”

Reading Time: 3 minutes In How I Met Your Father Episode 5 Sophie gets an unexpected visit, Charlie helps his friends, and Ellen has a chance encounter.


REVIEW: ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2 Misses the Mark

Reading Time: 4 minutes Sweet Magnolias Season 2 continues to follow of three life-long best friends as they deal with relationships, family issues, and more.


REVIEW: ‘How I Met Your Father’ Episode 4 – “Dirty Thirty”

Reading Time: 3 minutes In How I Met Your Father Episode 4, Sophie struggles to host her 30th birthday, and Jesse and Ellen struggle to relate as siblings.

REVIEW: ‘Home Team’ is Full of Feel-Good Moments

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Home Team” follows the former New Orleans Saints head coach try to mend the relationship with his son while dealing with the Bountygate scandal.


REVIEW: ‘How I Met Your Father’ Episode 3 – “The Fixer”

Reading Time: 4 minutes “The Fixer” sees Sophie help Jesse with his Tinder profile, Valentina helps Sid with his long-distance relationship, and Charlie looks for a roommate.


REVIEW: ‘Supernatural Academy’ Offers a Great but Over-Packed Story

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Supernatural Academy follows magical twin sisters as they investigate who they are and why they were separated from each other at birth.


REVIEW: ‘Juanpis Gonzalez – The Series’ Does Satire Right

Reading Time: 3 minutes Juanpis Gonzalez – The Series follows a spoiled man who must learn to take responsibility for his life if he hopes to inherit his family’s wealth.

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