ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘Strayed,‘ Issue #1

Reading Time: 2 minutes Strayed #1 takes readers into the distant future where a scientist has made a momentous discovery about her cat. And humanity may never be the same again.

REVIEW: ‘Escape from the Universe‘ is an Interesting Game that Falls Short (Switch)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Escape from the Universe is a side scrolling shooter that puts the player in the role as one of the last survivors of the human race.

REVIEW: ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau,‘ Issue #1

Reading Time: 3 minutes ‘The Island of Dr. Monreau’ looks to bring the classic H. G. Wells story to the panels as biologist Ellie Prendick washes ashore on a strange jungle island

REVIEW: ‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ is a Deep And Compelling Story (Switch)

Reading Time: 6 minutes ‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ is a narrative-driven turn-based strategy role-playing game that blends story, character, and tense strategy.

REVIEW: The Crow Hack/Slash #2

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Crow Hack/Slash #2 is published by IDW Publishing, written by Tim Seeley, layouts by Tim Seeley, art by Jim Terry, and letters by Neil …

REVIEW: ‘Crawl’ is a Suspenseful Thriller that Doesn’t Let You Go

Reading Time: 3 minutes Crawl is a tense thriller that provides a couple hours of excitement, surprising character development, and one of the earth’s oldest predators.

REVIEW: ‘Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order‘ is Stuck in the Early 2000s (Xbox One)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is a flawed entry to the well remembered Ultimate Alliance series that people have been waiting for.

REVIEW: ‘Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble’ a charming game with strategic depth (Switch)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble is a turn based strategy game sporting plenty of tactical depth and challenge, all wrapped up in a charming graphical style.

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