The Problem with the Discourse Around “The Last Jedi”

Reading Time: 6 minutes We need to protect the things that we love, but we need to critique them as well. Kate tackles the discourse around The Last Jedi.

8 Reasons Poe isn’t the Bad Guy

Reading Time: 8 minutes Poe Dameron is important to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but many have seen his actions as villainous, here’s why he isn’t the bad guy.

INTERVIEW: The 501st Legion with El Paso’s Red Sands Patrol

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this Missions that Matters episode, we got to sit down with a member of the Red Sands Patrol TX squad of the global organization: The 501st Legion.

INTERVIEW: SideQuest with Executive Director, Brian Truong

Reading Time: 2 minutes Founded in 2011, SideQuest has been connecting gamers in the Rooster Teeth community with charities. There are integral part of the community

INTERVIEW: 1Up On Cancer with Chris and Christina Haslage

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this interview, we sit down with the founders of 1Up On Cancer and hear their story and how they keep the charity going and growing.

Who Should You Cosplay as for Your Next Con?

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re struggling on choosing a character to cosplay, there are a decent bit of factors to think about so give this a read.

RECAP: ‘Harlots’ Season 1, Episode 6

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hulu Original Harlots is on episode 6, find out why this show just keeps getting better and whether or not you should be watching.

Coco’s Troubled Start: Why I Was Never Hyped

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Book of Life came out in 2014 and I wrote a blog about why you should watch that awesome movie instead of Disney Pixar’s …

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