ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘Star Wars Jedi: Battle Scars’

Reading Time: 4 minutes Star Wars Jedi: Battle Scars serves as the tie-in novel for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and follows the crew of the Mantis attempting to cripple the Empire.

REVIEW: ‘Star Wars: The High Republic: The Battle of Jedha’

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Battle of Jedha brings the conflict between Eiram and E’ronoh to the Holy City as the Jedi and Republic try to maintain peace between the planets.

ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘A Day of Fallen Night’ Is An Epic Tale

Reading Time: 3 minutes A Day of Fallen Night proves that Shannon can take what was originally a one-off story and expand on it in a seamless and spectacular way.

REVIEW: ‘Star Wars: The High Republic: Convergence’

Reading Time: 4 minutes Star Wars: The High Republic: Convergence is the first adult novelization in phase 2 of The High Republic and introduces a new Jedi, Gella Natti.

ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘Sensory: Life on the Spectrum’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sensory: Life on the Spectrum is a must-read anthology not only for people on the spectrum but for anyone who ever wondered what it’s like. 

ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘Star Wars: The Princess and the Scoundrel’

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Princess and the Scoundrel suffers from poor pacing in some areas, but it’s ultimately very close to being the perfect combo of Star Wars and romance.

ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘Star Wars: Brotherhood’ Gives a Story Worth Telling

Reading Time: 5 minutes Star Wars Brotherhood gives that answer to the age-old question, what happened on Cato Neimodia between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi?

REVIEW: ‘Queen’s Hope’ Advances Padmé’s Mythos

Reading Time: 4 minutes Queen’s Hope brings E. K. Johnston’s series to the start of the Clone Wars as Padmé Amidala’s story continues to be explored.

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