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Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get a great deal! META Publishing is pleased to share with players that its chaotic party game Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown will be participating in a giveaway this month with another great co-op title. Additionally, after gathering feedback from their community, the team revealed their plans for upcoming changes to the game’s price and events they’ll be participating in.

Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown launched officially on Steam on April 13th. Since launch, it has welcomed many players who have taken down their chicken friends in countless ridiculous ways on the game’s 100+ unique levels. After listening to the community, the team has decided to implement certain changes in order to grow the Screaming Chicken player base.

The team had this to say about their upcoming changes, “We’ve seen that players are keen to play the game, but due to the lack of players online, there has been some apprehension to purchase the game. We are so thankful to those who have supported the game thus far and that’s why we’ve prepared a list of changes and improvements to make players happy and grow the community.”

From now until May 18th, META Publishing is partnering with NEXT Studios and are offering a free copy of Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown to all players who currently own the adorable co-op 3D platformer, Biped. A copy of Screaming Chicken will also be granted to those who purchase Biped through May 18th. Additionally, players that own Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown will receive a copy of Biped as well.

In addition to this deal coming up in May, the Screaming Chicken team has also revealed some upcoming changes and events they’ll be participating in. Check out the full list below:

May 18th – All Biped owners will receive a free copy of Screaming Chicken by default.
May 21st – Permanent price reduction to Screaming Chicken. All Screaming Chicken owners will receive a free copy of Biped through this date.
June 8th-15th – Screaming Chicken participation in Whales Charity fundraiser. June 29th-July 13th – Screaming Chicken discounted by 20% during the Steam Summer Sale.

Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown is available right now on Steam. The game is available for 2-4 players via online PvP, Shared/Splitscreen PvP, Online co-op, and Shared/Splitscreen Co-op. Flap your way over to the official Discord to join fellow chickens on their upcoming adventures.


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