Audible Celebrates the Launch of Songwriter Jeff Tweedy’s “Words + Music”

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Jeff Tweedys Words + Music

Saturday at SXSW, Audible, the leading creator and provider of premium audio storytelling, and Rolling Stone hosted a special evening of music, storytelling, and refreshments to celebrate Jeff Tweedy’s Please Tell My Brothers, the latest release in Audible’s groundbreaking “Words + Music” series. Audiences gathered in The Audible Sound Studio to enjoy a cocktail reception and intimate performance from the beloved songwriter. You can check out the rest of Jeff Tweedy’s “Words + Music” series on Audible.

Earlier in the day, Audible and Variety hosted a Music Storytelling panel at The Audible Sound Studio featuring rapper, singer and actor Tobe Nwigwe; Preston Copley, Executive Producer of original music-storytelling at Audible; and Variety’s Selome Hailu. The conversation focused on Tobe Nwigwe’s career ‘origin story,” his past and present musical influences, the creation of the innovative Audible Original audio series “Origins,” and the unique storytelling opportunities available through this exciting medium.

At the panel, Tobe Nwigwe spoke on life before music and how it prepared him, “[Before becoming a musician,] I had no foreknowledge of the industry. But I did have the perspective that I gained from football. I knew I had to be disciplined, consistent, persevere, to be comfortable getting up and doing what you don’t feel like doing on a regular basis for specific goals.” Nwigwe also shared his origin story with the crowd, “For me, the dynamic that I had growing up, and how unique it is to who I am as a person and what I do musically, helped me find my place and my identity.”

About Audible, Preston Copley, Executive Producer of original music-storytelling at Audible explained how the company puts artists first, “When your priority is supporting an artist in the way that they want to be supported to tell their story, it creates an extremely close bond… we’re not trying to own someone’s story. We’re trying to unleash it.” Copely continued,  “[At Audible], we’re trying to take our position as leaders in the audio storytelling space, and we’re trying to marry that with the artistry of impactful artists. What that yields is extraordinarily distinctive work.”

The Audible Sound Studio is again open to the public during SXSW from 12:00pm to 3:00pm at The Sunset Room across from the Austin Convention Center. Today, guests will be immersed in Audible’s premium music storytelling offerings, including volumes from the Words + Music series, “Origins,” and “Breakthrough.”

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