Latinx in Gaming Announces Riot Partnership During Latin American Heritage Month

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Latinx in Gaming and

Today, it was announced that Latinx in Gaming, a nonprofit (501c3) organization connecting Latines across the gaming industry worldwide, has officially partnered with Riot Games in efforts to foster representation, community, and diversity within the gaming industry.

After a successful partnership during Latin American Heritage month, Latinx in Gaming and Riot Games have proudly formalized an alliance to go beyond the celebratory month.

With missions that closely align in nature, the organizations are joining forces in order to create spaces where marginalized Latin American professionals can share experiences and support each other to foster a more diverse gaming industry year-round for years to come.

Kicking off the partnership, LXiG and Riot Games teamed up in September for the “Empowering others in our communities” Game Jam during the Amigos Unidos celebrations.

With a goal set to make meaningful connections in marginalized communities and spark positive partnerships, the Game Jam crowned Llamalandia, a game where players helped a llama trying to return home and support its lost family in the Bolivian altiplano from developer JGM117.

In addition, Riot Games contributed to LXiG’s Hispanic Heritage Month efforts as one of the main sponsors for UNIDOS Online and its Esports Panel, where a group of Employee Resource Group members from both Los Angeles and Mexico City offices discussed the current esports scenario during an hour-long discussion.

“There are exciting things about working closely with Riot Games,” said Cristina Amaya, President, and Co-Founder of LXIG. “Not only does it elevate the work that we’re doing to a wider audience, but it allows for us to work collaboratively with incredible Latine talent at Riot and hopefully help source more great talent for them going forwards. Riot Unidos is already off to a great start, and we can’t wait to see how we can help build each other’s communities going forward through elevation, collaboration, and creativity.”

For more information about Latinx in Gaming, please visit the official website, join the Discord community, follow @LatinosinGaming on Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook, and search for #LatinxinGaming on social media.

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