Undecember Is A Brand New Cross-Platform Action RPG Out Right Now

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Big fan of action RPGs and fancy something new to play with your friends? You could do a lot worse than Undecember, which has just launched across PC and mobile. With cross-platform play across every device it supports, as well as all sorts of control schemes (touch, controller, and mouse and keyboard), it’s got something for everyone. Language isn’t an obstacle either, with 10 supported at launch. That includes English, German, French, and Japanese, amongst many more.

You play as a powerful warrior known as a Rune Hunter, who has to prevent the resurrection of 13 Evil God Serpents in a story that spans ten acts. You’ll explore a wide variety of dark fantasy environments as you slay hordes of enemies, showering in gore, XP, loot, and gold. When not participating in story beats, you can up the challenge by taking on the Chaos Dungeon, Spire of Barrier, Void Rift, and raids – each of which provide unique rewards too.

It might sound very much like Diablo so far, but where this particular game differs is in its character progression systems. Rather than locking you into a specific class and forcing you to play in only a handful of different ways, Undecember lets you, effectively, create your own class. You pick from a wide variety of different skills and equipment to create your own unique character that plays exactly how you want it to.

Undecember is available right now across PC, iOS, and Android, and developer and publisher Line Games is actually rewarding early adopters.

Play right now and you can earn bonus rewards from in-game events and festivals that will help give you a headstart on your challenging new adventure.

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