Ubisoft Announces The Trackmania Games, A New Esports Competition

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The Trackmania Games

Today, Ubisoft announced the Trackmania Games, a multi-format event featuring various racing disciplines. Open to participants from around the world, the competition will be hosted in Paris, France, in Summer of 2024. Alongside competitive play enthusiasts from our international community, the event will gather highly skilled professional players as well as our most creative players, which promises an action-packed and thrilling show to enjoy, whether in the audience or online.

The Trackmania Games will be true to Trackmania Esports core values, with competitions accessible to all players, whether amateurs or pros, with shows easy to understand and enjoyable for the community at large, fostering a peaceful atmosphere.

In 2023, the Trackmania Grand League will evolve to pave the way for the Trackmania Games 2024. The details of the program and content will be defined in the coming months in collaboration with our Trackmania communities around the world, event organizers and broadcasters, as well as brands and institutions.

Free-to-play, Trackmania is currently available in the Ubisoft Store, Ubisoft Connect and Ubisoft+, and the Epic Games Store. It will be launched on consoles and cloud platforms in 2023.

About Trackmania:

Trackmania is the biggest and most compelling remake of the legendary racing game, TrackMania Nations. Trackmania combines easy-to-learn yet hard-to-master gameplay with a large variety of tracks, regular seasons, live events, and customization options. The Trackmania Grand League gathers the top Trackmania players around the world, competing for several titles. The 2021-2022 circuit cumulated more than 1 million hours watched and a record peak CCV of 78.000 during the finals of the TMGL Spring 2022.

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