3 Reasons to Binge Watch Cafe Minamdang

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watch Cafe Minamdang

Café Minamdang (Cafe Minamdang) is a Netflix Original South Korean drama that thrives in every sense of the way. The series is directed by Ko Jae-Hyun and is written by Park Hye-Jin based on the novel by Jung Jae-Han. This 16-episode series centers on Nam Han-Jun (Seo In-Guk), a former criminal profiler, who now works as a fraudster, uh, I mean shaman. For his scams, he disguises himself as a shaman and uses his skill to read people to help inform his process all while citing divine intervention. That’s not all though, he also runs a fortune-telling shop Minamdang where he attracts customers with his attractiveness and smooth talking skills. But fear not, this K-drama scammer also has a heart of gold, getting involved with his customer’s cases and helping solve them by pointing the authorities in the right direction. With a charismatic cast, killer clothes, a knack for being effortless funny, and capturing action sequences fit for a thriller, here are 3 reasons to watch Cafe Minamdang right now.

The Characters

watch Cafe Minamdang

The first reason to watch Cafe Minamdang is an easy one: the characters. While the cast is absolutely electric with chemistry that’s off the charts, it’s the way that the creative team has built out each character with their own quirks and archetypes that help showcase a wide range of emotion, strength, and relationships throughout the series. You already know Nam Han-Jun is a charismatic con-man with a heart of gold. Now his partners are also each as dynamic. First, there is Su-Cheol (Kwak Si-Yang), who runs a private detective agency, and Nam Hye-Jun (Kang Mi-Na), Han-Jun’s younger sister and elite hacker. Rounding out the cafe though is Jonathan (Baek Seo-Hoo), a cinnamon roll who isn’t really all that involved with the large schemes, which rounds out the Cafe Minamdang crew perfectly.

Opposite them is Han Jae-Hui (Oh Yeon-Seo) a detective who is extremely enthusiastic about her job which both helps and hurts her. A skilled fighter and pretty much supernatural to all the people she meets, she adds an edge to the cast of characters that works well for our next reason to watch Cafe Minamdang.

Blending Humor and Mystery

Because the series blends drifting and crime-solving into one story, we get the chance to move from person to person in a near case-of-the-week format. The series is effortlessly hilarious thanks to physical comedy and perfectly times back-and-forth moments between characters, or even the situations they’re put into. But Cafe Minamdang isn’t just funny, it’s also firing on all cylinders by carving out stories with intriguing mysteries and cases to solve. While we may laugh for the better part of a lot of the episodes, the story isn’t without its bite. It manages to bring in some well-handled actioned sequence, detective work, crime solving, high stakes, and darkness in addition to the eccentricity and possible romantic tension as well.

The Eccentricity

Nam Han-Jun is loud. Not just because he can command a room with his voice or absolutely doesn’t care about drawing attention but also because he doesn’t need to speak to hold you attention. With bright suits, a throne to pretend to be a shaman on, and props to trick his clients, everything about Han-Jun is eccentric. However, while his flair for the melodrama is on display, it’s not without purpose or design. As an ex-profiler, he knows exactly when, why, and how to be the brightest light in the room and even turn on some intimidation when need-be. Additionally, the series manages to make action moments and other situational elements near-absurd. However, the eccentricity never overtakes the story, allowing Cafe Minamdang to thrive. Throw in the fact that the series uses the common K-Drama romance tropes while also humorously throwing flipping them on their head and yup, it all works.

With all episodes streaming, now is the perfect time to hit play and watch Cafe Minamdang. Come for the characters, stay for the suits and intrigues.

Café Minamdang is streaming now, exclusively on Netflix.

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