Stealth Action Game Winter Ember Prequel Comic Series Launches Today Before Console, PC Release

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Winter Ember

Today, Winter Ember, the isometric stealth sandbox action game from game publisher Blowfish Studios and developer Sky Machine Studios, steals its own graphic novel series as a prequel to the game thanks to an all-star writer and illustrator team in a partnership with comic and manga publisher eigoMANGA, with issue #0 “The Broken Rises” available today.

Long ago in the Victorian Age, the once-great city of Anargal prospered under aristocratic rule. One of these carefree and privileged nobles, Arthur Artorias, had everything he could ever dream of to live a life of luxury. After receiving a foreboding message from his father, everything will change for Arthur and his beloved city forever…

Written by the acclaimed Kevin Grevioux, creator of the Underworld and I-Frankenstein film franchises, as well as the writer for a collection of Marvel and DC Comics stories like Amazing Spider-Man, Young Avengers, Cyborg, and others, the comic series sets up the events of the anticipated stealth action-adventure.

Before Winter Ember slides into the shadows of Consoles and PC’s everywhere in 2022, each issue illustrated by the talented Chris Awayan, known for his work on the Indestructible comic series, as well as iconic cover art from Ben Herrera (Marvel Adventures, X-Men Adventures, Batman: Arkham Knights), will become available digitally monthly leading to a physical release on Monday, April 25, 2022.

“Kevin’s dark and brutal stories combined with Chris’ stylish illustrations are the perfect combination to set the tone for Winter Ember for its release next year,” said Ben Lee, CEO, Blowfish Studios. “With the release of each issue, we are just that much closer to the game’s full launch; please look forward to what we have in store!”

The first issue of Winter Ember is available for digital download now via Amazon Kindle, GlobalComix, Graphite Comics, and Comic Distro.

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