Crunchyroll Loves Launches JUJUTSU KAISEN Collection

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Jujutsu Kaisen Streetwear Collection

Calling all Jujutsu Socercers! Crunchyroll Loves, the in-house streetwear brand from Crunchyroll, is launching pre-orders today for a new JUJUTSU KAISEN streetwear collection.

In addition to warding off fearsome cursed spirits, this limited edition line will include the following specially-designed items:

Three short-sleeve t-shirts, including a classic white tee, emblazoned with show artwork, a black t-shirt featuring Ryomen Sukuna’s frightening fingers, and a black tee featuring protagonist Yuji Itadori.

One black long-sleeved tee featuring a battle-worn and ever-determined Yuji Itadori

One black and white tye-dyed long sleeve tee featuring Megumi Fushiguro

One black crew sweatshirt featuring Satoru Gojo

One red hoodie emblazoned with short artwork, inviting viewers to choose their hell.

A black, acid-washed beanie

Fans of the series have until September 6 to pre-order the JUJUTSU KAISEN streetwear collection, which is available now only through the Crunchyroll Store.

Fans can catch up on JUJUTSU KAISEN by streaming the subtitled and dubbed series now on Crunchyroll.

About Crunchyroll:

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