DREAM CON 2021: Q&A with RDCWorld1

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RDCWorld1 Panle at Dream Con 2021

Dream Con would not be complete without hearing from the minds behind the convention, RDCWorld1. From a YouTube channel started nearly ten years ago to putting on one of the most diverse conventions in the country, the RDCWorld1 team has accomplished more than anyone would have thought in such a short time. They truly are a manifestation of their namesake, Real Dream Change the World as these content creators of color aim to bring other people of color together in a convention all its own.

In 2021 alone, the RDCWorld1 have been included in a J Cole music video, won a $250,000 dodgeball tournament, attended the Space Jam: A New Legacy with LeBron James, and landed HBO deals in the making. In all of this success, they have not forgotten their supporters. Throughout Dream Con 2021, it was not uncommon to see various members of RDCWorld1 chatting and taking pictures with congoers on the floor. This vulnerability was extended to their Q&A panel where the team took questions directly from congoers.

Mark, Aff, Leland, Desmond, Ben, Dylan, and John were all in attendance for the Q&A. While some of the questions were focused solely on joking with the team, many others focused on the future of RDCWorld1 and its current success. Despite their undeniable success since Dream Con 2018, the entire team maintained their authenticity by joking right along with supporters and giving their heartfelt appreciation for those in attendance.

As Dream Con grows, the members of RDCWorld1 have stayed true to themselves and it is was more than evident in the Q&A panel. Even after having to cancel Dream Con 2020 due to COVID, RDCWorld1 still managed to pull off a phenomenal convention. I cannot wait to see what Dream Con 2022 will hold and what this team of content creators of color are able to accomplish next year.

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