REVIEW: ‘The Plot,’ Issue #5

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The Plot #5

The Plot #5 is the most recent issue of the ongoing horror series from Vault Comics through their new Nightfall line. The issue is written by Tim Daniel and Michael Moreci, with art by Joshua Hixon, colors from Kurt Micheal Russel, and letters by Jim Campell. Previously, Chase, his nephew, and his niece were drawn even further into their strange home in Cape Augusta as the basement continues to mysterious flood. Now, Chase continues to drown in the dark waters of his family’s history, both figuratively and literally.

A majority of the issue is a look back to the 1600s as a village starves during a blizzard. As the Blaine family’s ancestor, Vitus Blaine, scrambles to understand his faith and the meaning of prayer midst the hopelessness, we see a glimpse into the future that awaits Chase. Hixon’s art captures the terrifying loneliness and anguish Vitus experiences. Russel’s colors consisting of dark blues and deep purples throughout the open pages echo this feeling. The contrast between the scenes taking place between night and day is haunting. The scenes at night stand out like a terrifying void making the day feel almost blinding. The warmer tones create a stark contrast that represents the ongoing struggle the Blaine’s face with their own darkness. Additionally, the monster that lies in the dark gets its due and the creature design is superb. A majority of these panels lack dialogue but what is there is impactful, a credit to Campell’s brilliant lettering.

The Plot #5

The terrifying entity is overwhelmingly large compared to Vitus. The panel design before and during its reveal is brilliant. At the start, the scene uses a panel design that features multiple cutouts over a dark, disturbing background. The scene reminded me of Snow White in the forest as she is surrounded by terrifying trees and creatures. As a child, the flashing lights and quick-moving pace added to the fear. Here is no different. That moment immediately followed by a full-page look at the monster while Vitus is floating in the dark waters is jarring.

The Plot #5 tackles the hypocrisy of religion and praying to a god you do not know. The death shown is uncomfortable and unsettling but this only serves to drive home the themes further. Since its start, The Plot is an unraveling thriller that focuses more on character depth than the monster at the center of the central plot. By revealing so little, and instead of building its characters out, the mystery stays interesting. So far the series proves a slow build does not equal boring and The Plot #5 is no exception. However, the final page of this issue makes the stakes feel real and while the pacing is still slow, it is clear Daniel and Moreci are finally about to hit the gas pedal. Overall, The Plot #5 is an excellent issue in a series that should definitely be on your pull-list if you are a horror fan.

The Plot #5 is available now wherever comics are sold.

The Plot #5


Overall, The Plot #5 is an excellent issue in a series that should definitely be on your pull-list if you are a horror fan.

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