REVIEW: ‘Far Sector,’ Issue #5

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Far Sector #5

Far Sector #5, published by DC Comics under its Young Animal imprint, is written by N.K. Jemisin with art by Jamal Campbell, colors by Jamal Campbell, and letters by Deron Bennett. With the council regaining control after the recent riot, the City Enduring is preparing for a referendum vote on the emotion exploit. As Lantern Mullein continues to investigate the situation, her mind wanders to her own past. The struggles that brought her to where she is, and the ideals she continues to cling to.

Jemisin’s writing of Mullein throughout this series has been phenomenal. She is a strong and determined individual who still carries a vulnerable side. She has always come across as multifaceted and real. Far Sector #5 is no different. With the calm temporarily descending over the city, Jemisin takes the reader on a deep dive into Mullein and how she came to be a Green Lantern. Her struggle to find a path that might allow her to better the world she exists in is a feeling many can relate to. All too often we can find ourselves fighting just to keep our heads above water. While Mullein’s fight is clearly far from overseeing this character enduring so much gives me hope.

While the bulk of Far Sector #5 devotes itself to Mullein, we do learn more about life for those who occupy the City Enduring as well. The lives of these people are just as difficult and varied as the lives around us. With age-old mantras like “you do what you have to” on the denizens lips, life here feels so close to home — even though it’s on the other side of the galaxy.

The art of Far Sector #5 does an excellent job of complementing its story. Campbell’s art is expressive and strong. As the story guides us through the many stages of Mullein’s life, the art provides clear representations of every step on the way. But while the art itself is excellent, it’s the colors that Campbell employs that truly make the visuals shine.

This magnificent color work stands out during a particular sequence in a nightclub. As Mullein struggles with the turns life has sent her she is approached by someone. The flawless color work is used to make this individual stand out in the strongest way. The contrast makes the character completely dominate the panels. Coupled with the strong poses Campbell draws the character in, you cannot help being drawn to the character.

When all is said and done, Far Sector #5 provides the audience with some finely executed background on its main protagonist. Who she is, where she comes from, and what she seeks to accomplish are all laid bare on the page. With a deeper understanding of Mullein out of the way, I hope the creative team can now push forward and deliver a greater understanding of the current story.

Far Sector #5 is available March 25th wherever comics are sold.

Far Sector #5


When all is said and done Far Sector #5 provides the audience with some finely executed background on its main protagonist.

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