REVIEW: ‘Far Sector,’ Issue #4

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Far Sector #4

Far Sector #4 is published by DC Comics, written by N. K. Jemisin, art by Jamal Campbell, colors by Jamal Campbell, and letters by Deron Bennett. Lantern Mullein manages to prevent any more protesters from being gunned down by security forces. But this buys little comfort for the besieged Lantern as she tries desperately to figure out a way to repair the situation and bring true peace back to the City Enduring.

I must admit, I was a bit thrown off when I started reading this book. With the way the last issue left off, I thought this story was going to open with something a bit more explosive.  While the path the story takes is still a good one, it was difficult to not feel a little letdown.

With Lantern Mullein able to diffuse the situation without further bloodshed, the various authorities start taking stalk of the situation. With more bits of information coming out about both the City Enduring, as well as some unique properties to Mullein’s lantern ring, this story manages to keep things interesting. I just hope that Jemisin doesn’t continue to build up moments just to cut them short. Once in a while, it works to keep the audience from knowing what to expect. Too often and it just becomes frustrating.

But what I did truly appreciate about Nemisin’s writing here is the handling of Mullein herself. The Lantern’s frustration and aggravation at the unfolding situation are palpable. She can see every mistake being made, knows what needs to be done, and is just as certainly no one who matters will listen when she tells them. It is a situation that can try even those with the greatest willpower.

Far Sector #4 

While Far Sector #4‘s story may have stalled a little I cannot say the same for its art. Campbell continues to deliver a magnificent performance. His greatest triumph this issue is how well he establishes the sense of scope to this book’s moments. The City Enduring houses 20 billion people. And every wide shot image reinforces that fact. It is an immense city on the verge of an immense moment.

The gravity of the situation is handled with its own skill as well. This is highlighted best during a confrontation between Mullein and the city council. Every angle, every zoomed-in shot presents an image that reinforces the seriousness of the situation.

Further complementing the mood of Far Sector #4 is Campbell’s unique color choices. These colors keep the panels fresh and interesting. By using lights cast from holo screens, and other sources, characters always find themselves bathed in whatever lighting will best enhance the moment. It’s an extremely effective use of all those high tech screens that are always around anyways in stories like this one.

While Far Sector #4 didn’t end up being quite as impacting as expected, it nevertheless delivered a well-executed story. It continues to build out the City Enduring, as well as its denizens nicely. I just hope the creative team doesn’t get too lost in the minutiae and can keep the story from stalling out.

Far Sector #4 is available on February 26th wherever Comics are sold.


Far Sector #4


While Far Sector #4 didn’t end up being quite as impacting as I expected it to be, it nevertheless delivered a well executed story.

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