INTERVIEW: Kaiju and Mecha with ‘Ultramechatron Team Go!’ Creator, Mike Trapp

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Ultramechatron Team Go!

Ultramechatron Team Go! from CollegeHumor’s DROPOUT is an original kaiju comedy, will premiere on their subscription-based streaming service on every Thursday. A parody of the kaiju and mecha genre, the series uses influences from properties like the Power Rangers and even Pacific Rim. A team of four incompetent and incompatible mech pilots defend their city as the Ultramechatron. Each episode of this 12-episode series presents a team of four heroes who are capable of saving the world, if only they can survive each other.

One the great things about this sci-fi parody is the fact that each member of the team controls a different part of the mech – the head, the arms, the legs, and the torso. This allows Ultramechatron Team Go! do more than just the punny monster-of-the-week, adding a small, human problem to exacerbate it – like when the legs decides drunk drive the Ultramechatron through the city. Filled with unapologetically silly comedy, every piece of the genres the series plays in is well executed and exaggerated.

I got the chance to speak with Ultramechatron Team Go! creator and star Mike Trapp about the creation of the series, his inspiration, and the work that goes into the comedy of show. Additionally, he talks about his role in the show as the useless torso helps him let loose and have some fun.

The series also stars CollegeHumor cast members Rekha Shankar, Katie Marovitch, Raphael Chestang, Brennan Lee Mulligan and Jessica Ross. In addition to Trapp, Ultramechatron Team Go! is executive produced by Sam Reich and David Kerns. The series is directed by Ryan Anthony Martin.

What’s DROPOUT? DROPOUT is CollegeHumor’s ad-free, mixed-media subscription service. Membership includes access to original series, including Gods of FoodUm, Actually, Paranoia and Total Forgiveness, as well as the Dimension 20 series. The service also includes digital comic books, narrative chat stories, and an extensive, easily searchable library of classic CollegeHumor videos. DROPOUT is available on the web, mobile web, native iOS / Android apps, as well as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Roku, and Android TV.

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