#MakeKyloBaldo for Episode IX

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Image courtesy of The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi by Phil Szostak

There’s a lot of anticipation going into Star Wars Episode IX. The Last Jedi has apparently divided the fandom, but there is one thing the filmmakers could do to create a wonderful, uplifting, and inspirational film that will unite audiences everywhere: Make Kylo Ren Bald. Or, as it is known by its adoring fans on social media, #MakeKyloBaldo. As shown by this glorious image, it was very much in the cards to make Kylo Ren bald in The Last Jedi.

Kylo Ren has been a divisive character with some loving him and some hating him. But one thing everyone agrees on is that his hair is too powerful. It’s actually the reason why he is such a divisive character. Everyone agrees that his hair is amazing, but also that it is too powerful. Yet paradoxically so, it is also his hair that divides the fandom, as perfectly as it is itself neatly parted in the middle.

In this, his hair is like the One Ring from The Lord of The Rings. It is too overwhelmingly powerful for everyone to marvel at, and like feels like having the correct interpretation of Kylo Ren, everyone wants to lay claim to the hair. It is too powerful for this world. Once his hair goes, there should finally be peace in the fandom. It should be noted as well that Rian Johnson, the director of The Last Jedi, had this fundamental understanding of the danger inherent in Kylo’s hair, as he originally intended to #MakeKyloBaldo for his film:

Rian Johnson on Twitter: “Do people know my original idea for TLJ was to cut off Kylo’s hair? They don’t do they? My mind is blown. / Twitter”

Do people know my original idea for TLJ was to cut off Kylo’s hair? They don’t do they? My mind is blown.

While The Last Jedi, a film I love, by the way, would have been a true masterpiece if Rian had gone through with his plans to bald Kylo, it is clear that J.J. Abrams must have stepped into the creative process. He clearly must have asked Rian to hold off on making Kylo Baldo, as it would be the perfect way to cap off the trilogy in Episode IX. Clearly, Kathleen Kennedy and the story group must have agreed. If they didn’t they would have squandered a marvelous opportunity

However, he needn’t only be bald, as perhaps something else is needed to cover his glorious crown. Famous Twitter artist Heath Williams has provided us with renderings of other forms Kylo that we could see in Episode IX after he shaves his all-too-powerful locks of course. Besides a fashionable green hairstyle, Kale-O Ren provides more practical purposes.

If Kylo grew kale hair, he would be able to provide a highly nutritious salad for our heroes as a reward for saving the day. Of course, Baldo’s head could go the tentacle route, as the Star Wars saga is often known to do. If Kylo grew tentacles out of his head, it would signify his new status at the Supreme Ruler of the Galaxy. They would also make a very fashionable crown.

Whatever form Kylo Ren takes in Episode IX, one thing is clear. The hair must go. It is too powerful. Once Kylo goes Baldo, Kale-O, or Tentaclo, then, at last, we shall have peace in the Galaxy.

What hairstyle do you think Baldo should have? Do you think #MakeKyloBaldo is the key to balancing the force? Tell us in the comments below.

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