REVIEW: ‘Superman,’ Issue #8

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Superman Issue 8

Superman #8 is published by DC Comics, written by Brian Micheal Bendis, with pencils by Ivan Reis and Brandon Peterson, inks by Brandon Peterson and Joe Prado, colors by Alex Sinclair, and letters by Josh Reed. In this issue, the reunion of Clark and Lois with their, now noticeably older, son continues as Jon catches them up on what has transpired since he left Earth with his grandfather. As he recites his tale he is also taken to the fortress of solitude so they can confirm nothing untoward has happened to him in his time away from home.

Superman #8 picks up right where the last issue left off, but I feel the narrative here does a much better job of sprinkling in more emotional moments than the last one. These moments are a lot of information, which while interesting and well written, can feel like you are just getting talked at.

The struggles Jon is presented with, coupled with the emotional roller coaster his parents continue to come to grips with, a very natural sense of betrayal on their parts is well portrayed, keep the reader invested. All of these elements continue to build the emotional strength of the story. This strength will hopefully come pouring out once the active struggle begins, and have a meaningful impact on The Man of Steel and his family.

Bendis impresses with his ability to write characters like Clark with a human touch. In one particular sequence, he has the cool visage that Superman generally holds strongly to crack a bit, for a truly human moment. This human element is further in the space side of the story as a surprise cameo helped build that sense of the cosmic feeling pedestrian and more grounded as an uncomfortable situation plays out in a most believable way.

Bendis has also piqued my curiosity where Jor-el is concerned, as his thoughts and motives begin to be revealed in this issue, while still not revealing what he is actually up to. I am enjoying the slow reveal, as there has been plenty thus far to keep the reader going strong and fresh. I just hope it isn’t allowed to drag on, as to long a tease could build some unrealistic expectations.

The art does a great job of giving a variety and otherworldliness to the cosmos as the planets visited by Jon and his grandfather look unique and interesting.  I love getting to see Brandon Peterson’s art in particular. He does a great job picking just the right angles and lighting to enhance the story. He knocks a very key moment with Jon and his grandfather out of the cosmos, capturing all the emotion you could ask for.

When all is read and done this issue was another piece of what is currently forming a great picture. If Bendis can continue to keep the story grounded in the emotion he has thus far built into his narrative, and if the illustrative team continues to capture these moments with the superb skill it has shown so far, I would say this could end up being a truly great story arc for Superman.

Superman #8


When all is read and done this issue was another piece of what is currently forming a great picture.

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