The CAFTCAD Awards Announces Nominees for First Ever Canada-Wide Costume Arts and Design Awards

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CAFTCAD 2019One of the things that help to brings characters to life are the clothes they wear. Submissions for work from every genre of film and television were sent in and selected. Shows like as Killjoys, Man in The High CastleA Series of Unfortunate Events, and films like The Shape of Water (Guillermo del Toro), and Maudie (Aisling Walsh). In one look, audiences are able to discern if a character is serious or fun. They can tell what time period, or culture the character.

On January 8th, 2019 Joana Syrokomla, Chairman of the Canadian Alliance of Film & Television Costume Arts * Design (CAFTCAD) Awards announced the list of nominees selected for this year’s ceremony.

“We received over 80 submissions from across Canada for our first CAFTCAD Awards, and it has filled my heart to the brim. I’m so impressed with the talent we have here! It speaks directly to the reason we decided to hold this event in the first place. I’m so blessed to be able to share all these incredible people and their work at the event,” said Syrokomla.

The nominees are either Canadian citizens or have permanent resident status in Canada. Productions submitted were produced within Canada (costumes must have primarily been created and built in Canada). For co-productions, a minimum of 50% of the creation and build of costumes must have been within Canada. Additional details are available at

The CAFTCAD Awards will take place on Sunday, February 10, 2019 at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. To keep up-to-date with announcements follow CAFTCAD on social media at Twitter: @caftcadawards, Facebook: @caftcad and Instagram: @caftcadawards. Below is the complete list of categories and nominees.

Excellence in Crafts – Costume Illustration

Killjoys– Season 4
Illustrator: Ciara Brennan

Legends of Tomorrow– Season 3 
Illustrator: Terry Pitts

A Series of Unfortunate Events– Season 2
Illustrator: Keith Lau

Excellence in Crafts – Textile Arts

Channel Zero
Key Breakdown Artist: Meg McMillan

The Shape of Water
Key Breakdown Artist: Mélanie Turcotte, Breakdown Artist: Karen Rodd

A Series of Unfortunate Events– Season 2
Key Breakdown Artist: Sage Lovett, Breakdown Artist: Chance Lovett

Altered Carbon– Season 1
Key Costume Ager/ Dyer / Textile Artist: Denise Gingrich, Assistants: Briana Scott, Leana McGregor, Crew: Samantha Stroman

Excellence in Crafts – Building

The Man in the High Castle– Season 3
Cutter: Leslie Cairns, Cutter- Ep 301-306: Janet Dundas, Cutter- 307-310: Alina Babbi, Stitcher- Ep 301-306: Alina Babbi, Stitchers: Sandy Dunn, Alicia Devonshire, Tracey Gauvin

The Shape of Water
Cutter: Tamiyo Tomihiro, Seamstresses: Ying Zhao & Sylvie Bonniere

Murdoch Mysteries– Season 12
Cutter: Erika Hizo-Fulop, Seamstresses: Julie Munson & Mary Furlong, & ACD: Charlene Seniuk for Ruth Newsome Cape

Best Styling in Commercials & Music Videos

Woods Canada “Is There”
Stylist: Marie- Eve Tremblay
Wardrobe Assistant (Toronto): Marie-Elyse McGuire, Wardrobe Assistant (Vancouver): Matea Pasarić

Canadian Olympic Committee “Be Olympic”
Stylist: Stacy Troke
Co-Stylist: Nariman Jay, Assistant: Mona Koocheck

Wiz Khalifia “Late Night Messages”
Stylist: Caitlan Wright
Wardrobe Assistant: Tara Ocansey

“Armour & Foxhole” Playstation
Stylist: Katry Sertic
Assistant Costume: Isabel Burns, 2nd Assistant Costume: Rachel Ludlow, Custom Armour Construction: Thak Ironworks

Best Costume Design in a Web Series

Haunters: The Musical
Costume Designer: Judith-Ann Clancy
Costume Assistant: Chelsea Graham

Chateau Laurier
Costume Designer: Joanna Syrokomla
Assistant Designer: Anna-Claude Biron, Wardrobe Assistant:Jennifer Jakob

The Amazing Gayl Pile: Apocalypse Soonish
Costume Designer: Vanessa Fischer
Assistant Wardrobe: Victoria Lus & Sarah Friedlander

Miss Persona, Ep1, The Miss Persona Way
Costume Designer: Jenni Manis
Assistant to the Costume Designer: Erin Roche, Assistant Sewer/B Set Supervisor: Alannah Strickland

Terrific Women
Costume Designer: Julian Wilding
Wardrobe Assistant: Steph Ligeti

Best Costume Design in Short Film

Martin’s Hagge
Costume Designer: Crystal Silden

Costume Designer: Joanna Syrokomla
Assistant Designer: Robyn MacDonald, Costume Assistants: Tara Thomson, Kate Tabone, Alisa Moszynski & Jessica Stanton

The Shipment
Costume Designer: Zohra Shahalimi
Costume Assistants: Zarghona Hamidi, Jellisa Ocean, Jennifer Reid, Erica Sterry, Key Costumer: Adam Reinsma

Costume Designer: Naomi Lazurus
On Set Wardrobe: Jacqueline Gregory

The Emissary
Costume Designer: Judith-Ann Clancy

The Nabet 700-M UNIFOR Award: Best Costume Design in Low Budget Feature 

Trouble in the Garden
Costume Designer: Nola Chaters
Cutter: Ida Jokinen, Set Supervisor: Cherie Carswell

Honey Bee
Costume Designer: Nicole Manek
Assistant Designer: Julianna Clarke, Truck Supervisor: Natalie Ellis, Wardrobe Assistant: Bonnie Brown

Sgawaay K’uuna – The Edge of the Knife
Costume Designer: Athena Theny
Weavers: Kund Qayangaas Marlene Liddle, K’inggay ‘Iiwaans Georgia Bennett, Nalaga Avis O’Brien, Yaalth Swaansang Gene Davidson Jr., Wendy Van Riesen, Kerri Dick, Aay Aay Albert Hans, Lila Ridley, SGaanjaad Sherri Dick, ILskyalas Delores Churchill,Sylvia Young, Stitchers: Joanne Edenshaw, Leanne Leask, Su-san Brown, Debbie Schreiber, Catherine Waterer, Daniela Menendes, Alita Gorgichuk, Emily Noel, Tifany Edgars, Siiam Hamilton, Haida Designs: Hluugitgaa Gwaai Edenshaw, Jaalen Edenshaw. Hak’wanan Jay Bellis, Set Costumers: Meghan Paterson (supervisor), Haana Edenshaw, Su-san Brown, Hak’wanan Jay Bellis

The New Romantic
Costume Designer: Judith-Ann Clancy
Set Supervisor: Evie Moores, Costume Assistants: Michelle Loubert & Morgan Penney

Adventures in Public School
Costume Designer: Florence Barrett
Assistant Designer: Raven Olay, Truck Supervisor: Lindy McLenaghan

The IATSE 873 Award: Best Costume Design in TV – Contemporary

Bad Blood: Episode 201 Who Are You?
Costume Designer: Michael Ground
Assistant Designers: Amanda Lee Street & Kimberly Harkness, Key Set: Keith Bowser, Key Truck: Kaitlyn King 

The Exorcist: Episode 209 Ritual & Repetition
Costume Designer:  Lorraine Carson
Assistant Designer: Paula Negritto, Coordinator: Michelle Cornwall, Set Supervisor: Kathy Linder, Truck/Set Costumer: Adam Reinsma, BE Costumer: Victoria Walsh, Prep Costumers: Linda Leduc, Sharon Templeman, Valeria Negritto & Yana Konteft

Riverdale: 303 Chapter Thirty-eight, As Above, So Below
Costume Designer: Rebekka Sorensen-Kjelstrup
Assistant Designers: Maria Tyson &  Andrea Hakesley, Coordinator: Ren Boggio, Assistant Coordinator: Fiona Magee, Prep Costumers: Carmen Ferguson & Marni Fernandes, Lead Shopper : Tammy Joe, Shopper: Yordanos  Isack, Truck Supervisor: Shannon Wilson,  Assistant Truck Supervisor: Stephanie Pols, Lead Seamstress : Lore Penner, Seamstresses: Tricia Boyko & Norma Bowen, BG Coordinator: Karen Van Es, BG Costumer : Nancy Jones,  Set Supervisors: Magdalena Shenher & Talia Bargero, Assistant Set Supervisor:  Adam Reinsman

Schitt’s Creek: Episode 405 RIP Moira Rose
Costume Designer: Debra Hanson
Assistant Designer: Darci Cheyne, Set Supervisor: Peter Webster, Buyer: Frances Cabezas Miller, On Set Assistant: Amanda Woods 

Siren: Episode 101 The Mermaid Discovery
Costume Designer:  Lorraine Carson
Assistant Designer: Sharon Templeton, Coordinator: Mary Kimmell, Prep Costumers: Tammy Joe & Rachel Gueguen, Set Supervisor: Kathy Linder, Truck/Set Costumer: Aja Robb

The IATSE 873 Award: Best Costume Design in TV – Period

Costume Designer: Michael Ground
Assistant Designer: Allison Hicks, BG Supervisor: Charlotte Reid, Buyer: Kimberly Harkness, Key Set: Heather Power, Key Truck: Melanie Mooney, Cutter: Loreen Lightfoot

The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco: 101
Costume Designer: Beverley Wowchuk
Assistant Designer: Derek Baskerville, Costume Coordinator: Margaret Perry, BG Coordinator: Stephanie Nolin, BG: Pat Galbgraith, Set Supervisor: Tom Pankiewich, Truck Supervisor: Madison Douglas

Murdoch Mysteries: 1203 My Big Fat Mimico Wedding 
Costume Designer: Joanna Syrokomla
Assistant Designer: Charlene Seniuk, Set Supervisor: Jenny Buck, Truck Supervisor: Paul Breckenbridge, BG Coordinator: Stuart Farndell, Cutter: Erika Fulop, Seamtresses: Julie Munson & Mary Furlong, Wardrobe Assistant: Anna-Claude Biron

Frontier: Episode 306
Costume Designer: Michael Ground
Assistant Designer: Allison Hicks, BG Supervisor: Charlotte Reid, Buyer: Kimberly Harkness, Key Set: Heather Power, Key Truck: Melanie Mooney, Cutter: Loreen Lightfoot

Anne with an E: 207 Memory Has as Many Moods as the Temper
Costume Designer: Alexander Reda
Assistant Designer: Randi Littlefair, Set Supervisor: Maria Popoff, Truck Supervisor: Paul Breckenridge, Assistant Truck: Sheila Radovancevic, BG co-ordination: Clarke Stanley, Cutters: Lois Van Koughnet & Mary Furlong, Breakdown Artist/Dyer: Jane Edmondson & Julie Munson, Stitchers: Catherine Staltari, Anna-Claude Biron, Helena Davis Perry & Samara McAdam, Buyer: Liz Gregg, 2nd Assistants: Sara Brzozowski & Emma England

The IATSE 873 Award: Best Costume Design in TV – Sci-Fi/Fantasy 

The 100: 513 Damocles Pt 2
Costume Designer: Farnaz Khaki-Sadigh
Assistant Designer: Julie Le Page, Coordinator: Heike Maulhardt, Costume Builders: Julian LeClerc, Ash Turner, Jalisa-Ocean Hunt, Aaron Williamson & Vanessa Green, Costume Breakdown: Brandon Peterson, Gaya Konikov, Heather Schmit & Christina Maree Leeson, Sewing/Cutting: Kelly Allyn Gardner, Heather Westergaard & Monaco Krohn, Truck Costumers: Kath Colonna & Claude Georgen, Set Supervisor: Manuelita Kinsey Johnson, Buyers: Sophie Anza & Tarla Goertzen, BG Coordinator: Jordan Hintz, BG Costumers: Sean Herd, Anita Holler, & Annaleese Cochrane, Prep Costumer: Sabia Kular

Killjoys: 406 Baby, Face Killer
Costume Designer: Trysha Bakker
Assistant Designer: Donna Butt, Costume Supervisor, Barbara Cordoso, Wardrobe Assistant: Lindsay Devlin, Costume Buyer: Barbara Sidoruk, Breakdown Artist: Anna Pantcheva, Cutter: Muhammad Alamgir, Seamstresses: Teresa Artibello & Yuen wa (Maggie) Cheung, BG Co-ordinator: Sydney Sproule,Truck Supervisor: Karen Renaut, Set Supervisor: Erminia Diamantopolos

A Series of Unfortunate Events: 210 The Carnivorous Carnival
Costume Designer: Cynthia Summers
Assistant Designers: Phoebe Parsons & Kelsey Chobotar, Coordinators:  Lorelei Burke & Courtney Mckenzie, BG Coordinator: Deanna Palkowski,  BG Key Costumer : Natalina Sabithal, Costume Illustrator: Keith Lau, Key Breakdown Artist: Sage Lovett, 1st Assist Breakdown: Chance Lovett, Head Cutter: Devon Halfnight Lefluffy, Set Supervisor: Steve Holloway, Truck Costumer: Sanchia Wong, Key Set Costumer: Steve Oben, Prep Costumers: Chloe Sonnenfeld, Madeline McKibbon, Marcia Moir, Natalie Mason & Natasha DeFazio

Odd Squad– 259: Villains always Win
Costume Designer: Christine Toye
Costume Cutter/Builder : Alicia Zwicewicz, Costume Builders: Francesca Hermez & Sonia Tabrizi, Onset Wardrobe – Edel Bedard, Doreen To & Kaitlyn De Jesus, Graphics: Chantel Parent

Once Upon a Time: 719
Costume Designer: Allisa Swanson
Assistant Designers: Charron Hume & Susan Davis, Set Supervisor: Jessica McCormick, Truck Costumer: Kai Siperko, Prep Costumers: Emily Laing, Nicole Bouthot & Miel Nicholson, Cutters: Alison Roy & Cathy Seiler, Seamstresses: Tricia Boyko, Sook Hyun Kim & Sandy Dunn, Breakdown & Dying Artists: Sophie Wallace & Jalisa Ocean

Best Costume Design in Film – Contemporary

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
Costume Designer: Rafaella Rabinovich
Assistant Designer: Jessica McCormick, Coordinator: Tina Dumais , Set Supervisor: Levi Garcia, Truck Costumer: Lynne Lafreniere, Key Costumer: Sherry Randall,  BG Costumers: Scott Moffatt & Grace Ng, Prep Costumer: Natasha Thrisk 

Hold The Dark
Costume Designer: Antoinette Messam
Los Angeles- Illustrator: Christian Cordella, Toronto- Buyer: Suzanne Alpin, Calgary- Assistant Designer: Ann Steel, Costume Supervisor: Hanne Whitfield, BG Coordinator: Shelley Goldsack, Buyer: Benjamin Toner, Breakdown Artists: Laura Anderson & Carley Laine Powell, Cuter: Cristina Sierra, Sticher: Lilly Sky, Set Supervisor: Charlotte Robertson. Morocco- Key Costumer: Rachid Aadassi, Set Supervisor: Christina Cattle, Dresser/Set Costumers: Azedine Ngar & Youssef Art Hamd, Ager/Dyer: Houcine El Bahja

Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance
Costume Designer: Claudia Da Pointe
Assistant Designer: Michelle Bowes, On Set Costume Supervisor: Linden Watt, Truck Costumer: Soroush Matoor, BG Costumer: Jemma Schrauwen , Costume Designer (L.A Unit): Diah Wymont, On Set Costume Supervisor (L.A): Michael R. Chapman

The Christmas Chronicles
Costume Designer: Luis Sequeira
Assistant Designer: Ann Steel, Costume Supervisor: Suzanne Alpin, Buyers: Sara Schilt & Hanne Whitfield, BG Coordinator: Amy Sztulwark, Set Supervisor: Rachel Archer, Truck Supervisor: Kim Porter, Cutter: Tamiyo Tomihiro, Seamstresses: Ying Zhao & Slyvie Bonniere, Key Textile Artist & Dyer: Bonnie Ray McCabe, Wardrobe Assistant: Lisa Prince, Costume PA: Jenna Dick

Best Costume Design in Film – Period 

Costume Designer: Trysha Bakker
Newfoundland Crew- Assistant Designer: Marie Sharpe, Wardrobe Supervisor: Christine Kenny, Cutter: Loreen Lightfoot , Seamstress: Amy Edwards, Set Supervisor: Jennifer King, Truck Supervisor: Connie Walsh, Breakdown Artist: Jessica Waterman
Toronto Crew- Assistant Designer: Donna Butt, Cutter: Roland Heizinger, Seamstresses: Teresa Artibello & Nicole Vezina, Cutter/Seamstress: Victoria Mackay

Indian Horse
Costume Designer: Aline Gilmore
Assistant Designer: Amanda Shaw, Coordinator: Zoe Koke, Set Supervisor: Bonnie Brown, Truck Supervisor: Natalie Ellis, Costumer/Buyer: Marcella Lepore, BG Coordinator: Joanna Syrokomla, BG Costumers: Rosie Fex, Alisha Robinson, Breakdown Artist: Valerie Delacroix, Cutters: Francine Lebeouf & Julie Sauriol, Seamstress: Maragaret Nieczwk, Trainee: Thea Naponse, Costumers: Vanessa Young, Jerry Lee Nootchai, Summer Naponse, Charlene Seniuk, Second Unit Supervisor: Maria Popoff

Final Vision
Costume Designer: Rafaella Rabinovich
Assistant Designer: Tina Dumais, Key Costumer:  Sherry Randall, Cutter/Stitchers: Jan Murphy & Kristen Thurber, BG Costumer: Levi Garcia, Set Supervisor: Joanna Dubenski, Truck Costumer: Lynne Lafreniere

The Shape of Water
Costume Designer: Luis Sequeira
Assistant Designer: Ann Steel, Costume Supervisor: Suzanne Alpin, Buyers: Sara Schilt & April Poppe, BG Coordinator: Amy Sztulwark, Assist. BG Coordinator: Hanne Whitfield, Set Supervisor: Rachel Archer, Truck Supervisor: Jay Barringar, Cutter: Tamiyo Tomihiro, Seamstresses: Ying Zhao & Slyvie Bonniere, Key Textile Artist & Dyer: Mélanie Turcotte, Breakdown Artist: Karen Rodd, Wardrobe Assistant: Lisa Prince, Costume PA: Marc Chabot


Formed in 2008, CAFTCAD is an association of individuals interested in promoting costume design for film, television, and media from both an artistic and technical perspective. Our goal is to enrich our community with a national organization that is inclusive of experience and talent.
The Alliance provides an open forum for discussion, networking, and knowledge sharing for our members through periodic seminars, workshops, exhibits, and an online forum. We explore the areas of individual design approach, illustration, and advancements in film technologies. We celebrate the richness of historic and contemporary fashion and its relationship to our craft.
Our vision is to increase awareness and the value of costume arts and design as a powerful element in the collaborative process of filmmaking; furthering international recognition of the creative talent we have in Canada.

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