Carolyn Talks About Asian-American Representation and John Cho

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So Here’s What Happened When Carolyn Talks About Asian-American Representation and John Cho. As a way to engage with film and television industry creatives, the So Here’s What Happened Podcast has introduced a new segment called “Carolyn Talks…”. In this segment, Carolyn will be interviewing and speaking with people who work in various areas of the industry, from critics to writers, producers, actors and directors (fingers crossed). During these chats, Carolyn and guests will discuss topics such as representation for people of color, the making of films, social media and many other things whispers and some thirsting may be involved.

In the first episode, Carolyn speaks with author, sociologist, and producer Nancy Wang Yuen, and with film, TV critic, and pop-culture writer Laura Sirikul about Asian-American representation and John Cho. Together they talk about Nancy’s book Reel Inequality which focuses on racism and racial inequality in the film industry, Asian American representation in North American media, the summer of Asians and the thirst traps that are Steven Yuen and John Cho.

You can buy Nancy’s book Reel Inequalities: Hollywood Actors and Racism on Amazon here and follow her on Twitter at @nancywngyuen

Laura is the co-host of many podcasts for shows such as DC’s Titans, is an avid fan of Dr. Who and writes for various entertainment sites like, you can follow her on Twitter at @lsirikul.

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