REVIEW: ‘Animaniacs’ Season 2 Returns With A Mixed Bag of Mayhem

Reading Time: 3 minutes Animaniacs Season 2 continues to boast fluid animation and stellar voice work, even if the humor in its segments tends to be hit or miss.

REVIEW: ‘Maya and the Three’ Is a Showstopping Epic

Reading Time: 5 minutes Maya and the Three is a new Netflix Original mini-series set in a fictional Mesoamerican land from Jorge R. Gutierrez about growth and belonging.

REVIEW: ‘Aquaman: King Of Atlantis,’ Chapter 1 — “Dead Sea”

Reading Time: 3 minutes Aquaman: King of Atlantis is a hilarious, charming, and action-packed animated show that’s willing to let Aquaman be in on the joke for once.

Into the Spider-Cast Episode 39: The Spider-Slayers (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)

Reading Time: < 1 minute We return to Spider-Man The Animated Series! We discuss the “Spider-Slayers” two-part arc that sets up many elements for the series going forward.

TIFF 2021: ‘Flee’ Uses a Unique Approach to Tackle a Heavy Subject

Reading Time: 2 minutes Flee utilizes a unique approach to its documentary format, telling a heartbreaking yet timely story using the medium of animation.

TIFF 2021: ‘Where Is Anne Frank’ Shows How History Can Repeat Itself

Reading Time: 3 minutes Where Is Anne Frank mixes beautiful animation with a timely message, as director Ari Folman underlines the importance of her words.

REVIEW: ‘Firedrake the Silver Dragon’ Is An Enjoyable Story About Finding Your Way

Reading Time: 3 minutes Firedrake the Silver Dragon follows the journey of Firedrake as he and two companions try to find the Rim of Heaven so the dragons can be safe.

REVIEW: ‘Dug Days’ Is a Perfect Tribute to Ed Asner

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dug Days is a series of five shorts where Dug and Carl moved into a new home after their adventures in Up and are ready for a quiet life in the suburbs.

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