REVIEW: ‘The Summit of the Gods’ is Breathtaking

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Summit of the Gods s a French feature-length animation that adapts the manga series of the same name and captures bliss and danger.

REVIEW: ‘Hit-Monkey’ Season 1 Promises Utter Carnage

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hit-Monkey Season 1 tells the unbelievable story of a Japanese simian seeking revenge, whilst being guided by the ghost of a human assassin.

REVIEW: ‘Solar Opposites’ Holiday Special is an Absolute Gift

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Solar Opposites Holiday special is upon us! Join Korvo and his crew as they show you their holiday traditions with all of the gusto of a super nova.

REVIEW: ‘Harriet the Spy’ Season 1 is a Kids Show for All Ages

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Harriet the Spy” season 1 follows the titular character as she seeks knowledge about everything in order to become the greatest writer of all time.

REVIEW: ‘Young Justice: Phantoms,’ Episode 7-“The Lady, or the Tigress?”

Reading Time: 3 minutes Young Justice: Phantoms Episode 7 returns to the series’ espionage roots while also continuing to underline themes of family and choice.

REVIEW: ‘Animaniacs’ Season 2 Returns With A Mixed Bag of Mayhem

Reading Time: 3 minutes Animaniacs Season 2 continues to boast fluid animation and stellar voice work, even if the humor in its segments tends to be hit or miss.

REVIEW: ‘Maya and the Three’ Is a Showstopping Epic

Reading Time: 5 minutes Maya and the Three is a new Netflix Original mini-series set in a fictional Mesoamerican land from Jorge R. Gutierrez about growth and belonging.

REVIEW: ‘Aquaman: King Of Atlantis,’ Chapter 1 — “Dead Sea”

Reading Time: 3 minutes Aquaman: King of Atlantis is a hilarious, charming, and action-packed animated show that’s willing to let Aquaman be in on the joke for once.

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