INTERVIEW: Seeing New Sights with Hellraiser’s David Bruckner and Jamie Clayton

Reading Time: 8 minutes We got the chance to sit down with David Bruckner and Jamie Clayton to talk about reimagining Clive Barker’s iconic world and more.

FANTASTIC FEST 2022: ‘The Antares Paradox’ Balances Scientific Discovery With Emotional Breakthrough

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Antares Paradox mixes scientific breakthroughs and emotional conflict to deliver one of the year’s boldest directorial debuts.

FANTASTIC FEST: ‘Something in the Dirt’ Is The Right Amount of Weird

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fantastic Fest screened Something in the Dirt, a memorizing descent you can’t look away from for the entire film.

FANTASTIC FEST 2022: ‘One and Four’ Is A Thrilling Western

Reading Time: 2 minutes The beauty of Westerns lies in their simplicity, but more specifically how to use silence. One and Four gets that.

FANTASTIC FEST 2022: ‘Satanic Hispanics’ Is A Masterclass In Anthologies

Reading Time: 3 minutes Satanic Hispanics is a near-perfect anthology. With so many different tones and themes, that highlights the versatility of horror.

FANTASTIC FEST 2022: ‘Blood Relatives’ Infuses The Vampire Film With Creativity

Reading Time: 3 minutes Blood Relatives infuses a fresh jolt of life and creativity into the genre and serves as a great directorial debut for Noah Segan.

FANTASTIC FEST 2022: ‘Chop & Steele’s’ Real Muscle Is In Its Comedic Talent

Reading Time: 3 minutes Chop & Steele is an utterly hilarious and heartwarming documentary that doubles as one of the hidden gems of this year’s Fantastic Fest.

FANTASTIC FEST 2022: ‘Hellraiser’ Is One Hell Of A Story

Reading Time: 3 minutes Directed by David Bruckner, Hellraiser (2022) manages to capture the sex appeal, gore, and moral tale of the franchise while creating a unique story.

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