Author: Cait Kennedy

Caitlin is a sweater enthusiast, film critic, and lean, mean writing machine based in Austin, TX. Her love of film began with being shown Rosemary’s Baby at a particularly impressionable age and she’s been hooked ever since. She loves a good bourbon and hates people who talk in movies. Caitlin has been writing since 2014 and you can find her work on Film Inquiry, The Financial Diet, Nightmarish Conjurings, and many others. Follow her on Twitter at @CaitDoes.

Lloyd Kaufman creator of the iconic Toxic Avenger joins us at Fantastic Fest 2023 to usher in Macon Blair’s reimagining. We take a moment to discuss the power of fans, after all these years, and what projects he’s most excited about. This interview has been edited for length. LLOYD KAUFMAN: Greetings from Troma-ville! I’m Lloyd Kaufman, President of Film & Entertainment and creator of THE TOXIC AVENGER – now being interpreted by Macon Blair! BUT WHY THO: It’s a perfect film to open such a rowdy genre film fest. I know everyone is really excited to see it. Some time…

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