REVIEW: ‘Moxie’ Has Heart But Isn’t Focused

Reading Time: 3 minutes Moxie is a feminist teen movie that has a lot of heart and diversity but doesn’t have enough focus on its core themes and message.

REVIEW: ‘Safer At Home’ Fails To Deliver On Its Premise

Reading Time: 3 minutes Safer At Home is a quarantine Zoom thriller that doesn’t deliver on its portrayal of quarantine, nor its promised thrills.

REVIEW: ‘After Midnight’ Is More Romantic Drama Than Horror

Reading Time: 3 minutes After Midnight is a hybrid genre film with aspects of horror and romantic drama, but leans more into its breakup story than its horror story.

REVIEW: ‘Sator’ Brings Authenticity to its Horror

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sator (stylized SATOR) is an existential, slow-burn horror film that blends fiction and truth, written and directed by Jordan Graham.

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