REVIEW: ‘My Best Friend’s Exorcism’ is A Great Start to Spooky Season

Reading Time: 3 minutes My Best Friend’s Exorcism is a movie that explores the dangers of demons, LSD, and boys but is filled to the brim with friendship.

REVIEW: ‘The Rehearsal’ Is About Human Connection

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Rehearsal is a bold docu-series from Nathan Fielder that explores the comedy, beauty, and awkwardness of human connections.

3 Reasons to Watch ‘The Rehearsal’

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Rehearsal is the newest show from Nathan Fielder, where he helps people solve their problems by helping them rehearse the scenario.

REVIEW: ‘Persuasion’ is Disappointing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Persuasion follows Anne Elliot as she grapples with her intense, unrequited feelings for her ex-fiance Captain Federick Wentworth.

REVIEW: ‘Pistol’ Is Punk Chaos

Reading Time: 4 minutes Pistol, created by Craig Pearce and Danny Boyle, showcases the rise of London-based punk rock group the Sex Pistols in all their chaotic glory.

REVIEW: ‘Conversations with Friends’ Asks “What is Love?”

Reading Time: 5 minutes Conversations with Friends explores the relationships between 2 ex-girlfriends turned best friends who become involved with a married couple

REVIEW: ‘Heartstopper’ is Queer Happiness

Reading Time: 6 minutes Heartstopper centers on the lives of Charlie and his friends as they navigate school, love, and friendship as LGBTQ+ youths.

REVIEW: ‘Metal Lords’ has a Lot of Heart

Reading Time: 3 minutes Metal Lords is a movie that will bring you back to falling in love with heavy metal as a group of friends try to win battle of the bands.

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